Jun 042010

Nepali Movie – Iku- The Jungle Man
Starring Suleman Shankar, Usha Rajak etc.
Director – Sagar Lamichane

‘Iku – The Jungle Man’ is Suleman Shankar’s first comedy movie. The character Iku is a creation in comedy serial Meri Bassai. The movie was released recently and was very successful commercially. The movie is a presentation of SMS Films.

Full movie in single part:

Upload credit – Budha Subba Music.


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  1. […] after his character in a comedy serial and a couple of movies, has separated with his wife Jaya KC (watch ‘Iku’ here). Iku says that the failure of ‘Iku Back Again’ has something to do with the […]

  2. nice movie

  3. nepal

  4. which kind of this moive

  5. meaning less movie

  6. It is good movie. I want to next nepali movie silsila

  7. O …alrite u r welcome. Hope to get new nepali movie from ur site…!!! Can u plz..mail me once at my ID that i use Here…..? ThankQ.

  8. Hello, Admin of X-Nepali what i would like to say u is that i uploaded Nepali movie song of SANTAAN THRI THARI KA in middle of Movie IKU that u were confuse n u added that song as Part-11. Plz….Change it hai.

  9. hi i like this piz send another part

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