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22 Responses to Nepali Movie – Krodh

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  2. roshan says:

    plz send me a full movie

  3. kushi says:

    can you please re upload the krodth movie……thank you

  4. harkerai says:

    nepali ful muvi nikil ubredi

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  8. sangita neunzig says:

    hi good move nikhil good i like

  9. bhuban says:

    good job

  10. hey could u plz provide us remmaning parts.
    Chandra Chhetri

  11. purnaram says:

    ok very good

  12. Mahendra says:

    Hi Laxhuman G,
    Rest part of “Krodh” soon upload gari dinu hola hai.

  13. Dinesh magar says:

    plez upload nepali movie faisala,shikari2 and other new-new nepali movies .

  14. Dinesh magar says:

    hi plez send full movie of krodh plezzzzzzzzzzz

  15. punam.sharma says:

    please upload other movie la and also the full part of krodh

  16. narayani says:

    plz send me full movies ok
    thank you so much……

  17. amal sinchuri says:

    hello,im amal.plz send miss part of nepali movie krod.thank u for it ok bye.

  18. puspa says:

    plz send me full movies ok
    thank you for your help

  19. Dhanapati Upreti says:

    plz send the rest part of nepali movie krodh plzzzzzz.

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