Mar 262011

Tract Movie Makers’ First presentation
Nepali Movie – Nata
StarringBhuwan KC, Shree Krishna Shrestha, Ashok Sharma, Gauri Malla, Geetanjali etc.
Director – Bishow Basnet
Producer - Chhabi Raj Ojha

‘Nata’ is the debut movie of actor Bishow Basnet as a director. Actor Shree Krishna Shrestha debuted in the movie as an actor.


The movie was a huge success. Chhabi took off the theaters after it ran for 97 days. He didn’t want it to run through 100 days because of the cost involved in the 100-days celebration and other stuffs.

The movie is not available now.

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  1. kabadi ra jhor movie mattra update gareko chha nata bhanne movie maile 2 years bhayo khojna lageko katai bhetina ra yeha pani chhaina yar Nata film update garrna paryo chhittai

  2. Plz can u update Nepali movies nata

  3. Plz can u update Nepali movies nata

  4. nata

  5. i love this movie so gud

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