May 092011

Prashant Tamang got married with his girlfriend Gita Thapa Magar on May 7, 2011, Saturday in a five star hotel among 900 invitees in Darjeeling. Present in the ceremony were Nepali producer Rajesh Ghatani, singer Dambar Nepali, and singer Prakriti Giri among others.





Message of xNepali team to Prashant Tamang and his wife: Congratulation to the new couple. We wish you a evergreen love and happiness!


  20 Responses to “Prashant Tamang marriage (Photos)”

  1. I like you..prashant..t

  2. how are you prashant da,and where you have been lost.we were expecting lots from you.

  3. hello prashxnt dai nice copleeee

  4. i like this photos prashant tamang and gita thapa magar the most handsome prat and gita thapa the most beaufull

  5. shurztamang like prahsant tamanng brother

  6. congrates

  7. congrates

  8. Hi.. Prasant hw r u

  9. jojo vawju derai ramre chan ta jojo ani kasto chan tapai.

  10. Jojo looking bad

  11. so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, happinies,,,,,,,,,,,,
    always be happy with @ love,,,

  12. Hi Prashant:
    Did you “betray us”? Wishing you success in your future endeavors.

  13. Its nice to see Prashant Tamang here with his lovely wife. I wish you a load of Happiness & love.


  14. happy married life, prashant, its one of ur classmates, jetendra thakur.

  15. Hi Prasanta Dada Kin seto tika lagayer married garnu bhayeko malai kasto kasto lagyo don’t you mind ok. ma Pujan palpali

  16. […] appearance in Kathmandu Prashant Tamang shared some stuffs about his married life. He was married with Geeta Thapa, a resident of Nagaland, Dimapur on May 7. Geeta works for Kingfisher […]

  17. Best of Luck for Happy Married Life. Hope your acting and singing career get boost from your better half.

    • Best of Luck for Happy Married Lifr. Hope your actiing careear get boost from your better half. Your all Life sucsessful.

      • Best of Luck for Happy Married Lifr. Hope your actiing careear get boost from your better half. Your all Life sucsessful

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