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125 Responses to Rajesh Hamal

  1. Mahendra pc says:

    Rajesh Dai hajur KO acting Sarai man parcha dam ra name Dubai kamunu bho aba Bohe garera chora chori pani kamunu paryo ni Kati dam ra name Matra kamunu huncha budesh kal KO sahara pani chaiyo ni Dai ki kaso ok by Mahendra PATHAK japan

  2. Parajuli says:

    Hello Rajesh Dai,
    I like all your movies and I think you are a very good actor. You have a strong voice, are a good looking guy and everyone likes your acting. I am a huge fan of yours. I will watch whatever movie you are in. I know that you do many favors for people and that you are a good person also. I don’t know what you feel on the inside but have noticed that in your movies you support women. I really like this trait. You know in Nepal women are not as important as men. When you play in a movie, the way you speak shows your support for women. It would be very nice if you married a wonderful person so that you could share yourself with someone. I know you could be a good husband and father. With all the things you do for others, I feel that you are missing something in your life, that you have an unfulfilled space in your heart. I wish you to know the truth. The truth will set you free and everyone needs to know it. I feel so strongly about this for you that I wrote you. I am from Nepal but have lived in Colorado, (USA) for ten years. I love Nepal and Nepali. I run the Mission Project for Nepal in the US and every two years I visit Nepal and continue my work there. I wish that we can meet some time when I’m in Nepal or when you are in the US. That would be great! My friend recently sent me your video of when you were in New York. Bless you. Parajuli Please if you will, respond to this letter.

  3. mo says:

    Do movie with Kristi K.C didi pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
    Do movie with Kristi K.C didi pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
    Do movie with Kristi K.C didi pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
    Do movie with Kristi K.C didi pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
    Do movie with Kristi K.C didi pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
    Do movie with Kristi K.C didi pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Tina says:

    Wish to see you with Kristi Mainali again.You two look amazing together.

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  6. syangjali says:

    rajesh g so much thanks for you i want show other more move so please add more movi hear because i just want your movi ok i wait for your next comments rajsh g ok byyy byyyyy see you letter

    from_Qatar syangjali krishna khattri

  7. omkumar says:

    malai very very manparne hero Rajesh Hamal ani ali ali Biraj ra Nikhil.

  8. Deepesh says:

    Hi Rajesh Da!
    Tapai ko film ani tapai ko acting malai sarai man parcha. Sachai Tapai Nepali Film industry ko hera nai hono honcha. Ani Mero bare ma am 4m Sikkim, India. I always watch ur movies without miss. Ai ‘ve huge collections of ur cds & other stuffs.
    There is one thing to say Why don’t u guys make shot film in Sikkim? It ‘d b great gesture for ussssssssssss. Thanks Deepesh Subba

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    hi great ‘ never before naver again like you hero’

  12. jems says:



  13. Yam Bista says:

    Hi rajesh hamal I watch lots of your movie i like all that movie can u send jai shivay sankar movie please…
    Thank You………

  14. me right says:

    I think info that he is gold medalist in MA english is totally wrong.
    I have not heard any such thing about him till now

  15. dipinder singh karki says:

    rajesh hamal ji m tpaji ko fan ho, tpayi ka picture haru malai bahut ramra lag chhan, tapayi le malayi reply jaroor garnoo hola. thanks

    • krishna says:

      rajesh hamal ji m tpaji ko fan ho, tpayi ka picture haru malai bahut ramra lag chhan, tapayi le malayi reply jaroor garnoo hola. thanks

  16. niraj says:

    Hey buddy,i really impressed via you personality and acting..
    keep it up

  17. roshan says:

    i don’t like rajesh ramal because he is not still marry.

  18. bharat timsina says:

    hello hero,
    how are you? how is urs shoting going on till now. iam bharat timsina from New Zealand. i like urs are such a great hero. be in contract sometime. my emai is i listen that you have been here in New Zealand maby before 1 year.if you are planning to come here in New Zealand again Please come to my house ok. best of luck. take care bye.

  19. tek kafle says:

    is there new movie .

  20. tek kafle says:

    hi i like your acting and movie it is very cool. Is there any movie new on 2010 if is there please send me on this mail id

  21. laxmi sapkota says:

    hi, rajesh just love the way you act and ur style tc cu

  22. sandeep says:

    hi, rajesh bro i like ur personality .

  23. Tulashi Bastola says:

    hello dai Rajesh Hamal what is the condition about nepal movies now a day i hope that u r too old and still not married why dai and i love nepali movies sitting far from my morher land country that i USA . and dai send good good movies that give knowledge to me ans us ok if u want my id add this la ok take care .

    • manju says:

      hi rajesh hamal ji. from my words tou is namaskar la. ur really good action hero of nepali flim. i like ur flims.

  24. Gitanjali Bhandari says:

    hey is so nasty picture

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  27. rajeeb hamal says:

    ramro 6

  28. bishwo bhandari says:

    he was a really hero of nepal i like his style and acting

  29. Bivek says:

    hi Rajesh dai. I m your great fan. Nepali film industy ma bhanda tapaila program garnu bhayo bhana ramro huncha you english is perfect. I like your english more than your film so it would be better if you continue your programmes

  30. puspa says:

    hi,hi like your phato and computer
    thank you

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