Mar 292014

The folk singer Manju Mahat couldn’t be saved after the deadly accident, in spite of the efforts of the doctors involved in the treatment. The death of the singer has raised the concern of traffic safety and speed control Nepal. The place where the accident happened is one of the busiest parts in the capital.


Manju was 23 years old at the time of her death. Manju is married and has a 1.5-years-old child.

manju mahat


Manju Mahat started singing in young age. She used to sing in her school days too. But, the professional singing started when she started university. She started singing in Lok Dohori Sanjh and she also started improving her singing skills.

The first formal song she recoreded was a Teej snong ‘Teej aayo Cham Chami …’. Some of the well known songs of Manju include Hira Moti Jhai, Pdhyo Padhyo paath hajur, and Nabhana hai kasailaai.

Manju’s colleagues appreciate the easy going nature of the late singer. The loss of a talented and a good person is very sad. We at xnepali wish Manju rest in peace and wish her family get strength to cope with the loss.

manju mahat 2

Some popular songs of Manju Mahat

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  1. manju mahat ko samjhana.

  2. […] President of the Constitution Assembly, Subash Chandra Nembang, also attended the funeral ceremony. Manju died on Saturday after serious injuries in a scooter accident on Thursday at Galkopakha, […]

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