Jan 272016
Nepali Movie - Kartoos

Nepali Movie – Kartoos Starring – Biraj Bhatt, Pari Singhaniya, Monilasha, Ajay Dixit etc. Director – Awani Agrawal Advertisement The Nepali movie ‘Kartoos’ is the movie originally made in Bhojpuri and dubbed into Nepali language featuring the action star Biraj Bhatt. The music composer is Shankar Adhikari, mixing by Kiran Adhikari and producer Jayesh Patel […]

Jan 252016
Bhojpuri Movie - Jwala

Bhojpuri Movie – Jwala Starring – Biraj Bhatt, Rejina Upreti, Sudip Pandey, Sonia KC, Roshani Sapkota, Rupa Khanal, Priya Sharma, Kamal Krishna etc. Director – Anil Shah The movie ‘Jwala’ is a new Bhojpuri featuring by RR FilmsNepali action star Biraj Bhatt and actress Rejina Upreti. The child artist in the movie is Safina Khatun. […]

Jan 082016
Nepali Movie - Kundali

Nepali Movie – Kundali Starring – Biraj Bhatt, Tanu Shree Tanu, Deepak Bhatiya etc. Director – B K Gupta The movie ‘Kundali’ is dubbed from Bhojpuri movie ‘Danda Bhumi’. The movie features cinematography of Dhruv Tyagi, story of Akhilesh Bedardi, lyrics by Arshad Ali Warsi, music by Uttam Singh  / Shankar Adhikari, and choreography by […]

Dec 262015
Nepali Movie - Jungbhumi (update, full movie)

Nepali Movie – Jungbhumi Starring – Biraj Bhatt, Rani Chatarjee etc. Director – Sangeet Kumar The Nepali movie ‘Jungbhumi’ is dubbed from Bhojpuri movie featuring actor Bhatt in leading role. The Nepali dubbed version of the movie is produced by Karna Shrestha Crazy under Rich Entertainment banner. The cinematographer is Rabi Chandan, choreographer Raju P […]

Nov 092015
Biraj Bhatt returning in Nepali movie in Rose Rana production, Parshuram

Producer Rose Rana is bringing back Biraj Bhatt in a Nepali movie after a long time. Both Rose and Biraj had been absent from the movie industry for more than five years. In the mean time, Biraj established himself as a action star in Bhojpuri film industry and Rose Rana got married and settled. (UPDATE […]

Oct 232015
Nepali Movie - Jung

Nepali Movie – Jung Starring – Biraj Bhatt, Sushil Singh, Vijay Verma, Tanu Shree, Anjana Singh, Krishna Bhatt, Jashjant Kunwar etc. Director – Anurag Mishra The movie ‘Jung’ is a Nepali movie dubbed from a Bhojpuri movie featuring Biraj Bhatt. The singers in the movie are Nityabiva, David Shankar, Hira Rana, Anamika Singh, Priyanka. The […]

Sep 162015
Rekha choses Sabin Shrestha for Rampyari

UPDATE on September 18, 2015 “Rampyari’ is inaugurated Rekha’s movie ‘Rampyari’ is inaugurated on the auspicious occasion of Bishowkarma Puja. According to Hindu belief, Bishowkarma is the god of tools. On every Shrawan 1st god Bishowkarma is worshiped and the tools like vehicle, computer, camera etc. are worshiped for them to work properly. Rekha has […]

Sep 062015
Biraj Bhatt teams up with Shakti Kapoor in a Bhojpuri film

Nepali actor Biraj Bhatt and Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor have teamed up to act in a Bhojpuri movie. Being too busy in Bhojpuri movies Biraj hasn’t appeared in Nepali movie for a while. All the recent movies of Biraj released in Nepal are dubbed Bhojpuri films. The last movie of Biraj titled ‘Jungbhumi’ was released […]

Jul 232015
Nepali Movie - Kabja

Nepali Movie – Kabja Starring – Biraj Bhatt, Suvekshya Thapa, Krishna Bhatta, Raju Giri etc. Director – Ralesh Sinha A movie by Kishori Films, ‘Kabja’ was released on October of 2014. The movie featuring actor Biraj Bhatt in leading role was advertised for being a movie made in Nepali language. But, in fact, it was […]

Jul 102015
Friday Release -Jungabhumi, post-earthquake release calendar

The release of new Nepali movies had halted right after the April 25 earthquake. Starting last week with the release of ‘One Side Love’, new Nepali movies have started to release in theaters. This Friday, on July 10, another Nepali movie ‘Jungbhumi’, featuring Biraj Bhatt, has released. The movie, probably dubbed from Bhojpuri, features Biraj […]

Jul 022015
Biraj Bhatt movie, Jungbhumi to release on July 10

NOTE: For the fans of Biraj Bhatt, we have posted his 2014 release movie ‘Gunda’ (watch ‘Gunda’ here). At the time when no new movies are being released, a Bhojpuri-dubbed Nepali movie featuring actor Biraj Bhatt is being released in theatres in Nepal on July 10. The movie featuring Biraj Bhatt opposite of South Indian […]

Mar 212015
Durga 2, one more sequel to be made by Shovit Basnet

The makers of the hit movie released on 2063 BS, ‘Durga’ have announced a sequel movie titled ‘Durga 2’ to be made soon. The producer and the director of the original movie, Suraj Pradhan and Shovit Basnet respectively will repeat in ‘Durga 2’. The director Basnet had told that the team is currently busy in […]

Mar 082015
Biraj Bhatt and Reema BK in Pune

The popular film artists of Nepal Biraj Bhatt and actress Reema Bishowkarma heated the Nepali audience in Pune in the occasion of Holi. In the musical event organized by the Nepali community in Pune, artists like Bhagirathi Chalaune, Kalpana Dahal, Sushmita Burlakoti, Hitesh Karmakar, Pamfa Dangol and other performed on the stage. The dance of […]