Nepali Movie – Padmini

padminiNepali Movie – Padmini
StarringNisha Adhikari, Sarita Giri, Anil Thapa, Sunil Dutta Pandey, Anupa Karki , Sangita Chhetri etc.
Director – Ram Pyasi
Special advisor – Nisha Adhikari

‘Padmini’ is the presentation of Basanta Kumar Shrestha for Shree Ganesh Films.

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Padmini tune stolen from Hindi film Bol Bachchan

padminiThe tune of one of the songs of today’s solo release ‘Padmini’, is found to be copied from a Hindi film, ‘Bol Bachchan’.  Although the words are in Nepali rather than Hindi in the original song, the music is exactly the same.

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Uncertainty in the release of Timro Lagi, Padmini and Samaya

Due to the hunger strike and protest of film artists, the release of new movies are uncertain. The movies scheduled to release on February 1 are Arun Khadka’s ‘Timro Lagi’, Mausami Malla‘s ‘Samaya’ and Basanta Kumar Shrestha’s ‘Padmini’.

release uncertainity timro lagi padmini samaya

Mausami had previously clarified that the movie release will be postponed if the protest didn’t end by the release date. ‘Samaya’ is the debut movie of Mausami’s son Vicky Malla and the actress Surabhi Bista.

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