Apr 272011
Was Sai Baba a god ?

The Indian spiritual leader and self-claimed God, Sai Baba, died on April 24. But, ‘the God’ himself had told that he will die in 2022. Advertisement His believers are still hopeful for him to be alive (after all, he still has 11 years to live according to his own prediction). Today the last rituals of […]

Apr 242011
Sai Baba breathed his last breath

The Indian spiritual leader Sathya Sai Baba has passed away. After complications related to heart and respiration, Sai Baba was hospitalized on March 28. He didn’t recover and passed away on Sunday morning at 6:25 am. Sathya Sai Central Trust, in a media conference held at 11:00 am, has announced that the body will be […]

Feb 042011
Sai Baba the illusionist

When Sai Baba was frisking gold rings and chains from the air and was giving it to his devotees, a Japanese interrupted him to ask a question. When he got the permission to ask, the Japanese asked Sai Baba, “Can you convert the mountain behind you into gold, just like the way you can do […]