NAS Film Award ceremony being held in Amsterdam, very few Nepali artists participating

There aren’t any news about a Nepali film award ceremony being held in Amsterdam, Netherland. The International Nepalese Association’s seminar (NAS) and award function is being held at Namaste Restaurnat Hoofddorp on March 29 and 30, 2014.

Nisha adhikari nas film award holland (1)

Photo – Representatives from Nepal being welcomed at Amsterdam Airport (photo credit -Nisha Adhikari)

It seems, the only Nepali actress attending the ceremony is Nisha Adhikari. Uddav Poudel, Nir Shah and Sunil Rawal are among a other few representatives of Nepali film industry attending the seminar and award ceremony.

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Rest in Peace Manju Mahat, the folk singer couldn’t be saved

The folk singer Manju Mahat couldn’t be saved after the deadly accident, in spite of the efforts of the doctors involved in the treatment. The death of the singer has raised the concern of traffic safety and speed control Nepal. The place where the accident happened is one of the busiest parts in the capital.

Manju was 23 years old at the time of her death. Manju is married and has a 1.5-years-old child.

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Jhola celebrates 51 days in theater

Please readxNepali Review of ‘Jhola’.

The historical movie ‘Jhola’ has celebrated 51 days in theater on March 29. We at xnepali wish the film makers on the success of the movie. The success of the movie at the time when majority of Nepali movies have failed to recover their investment is an indication that there is still a market for good movies in Nepal.

The movie said by our reviewer a ‘must watch movie’ gives a glimpse of our past and the backward society of that time. Actress Garima Pant, actor Desh Bhakta Khanal and others have given their realist performance.

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Nepali artists involved in Human Trafficking ?

Days after actor and magician Madhav Tripathi was accused of human trafficking of Nepali girls to African Mujra bars, another actor Dinesh Sharma has been accused of cheating 340 individuals by promising to take them to Belgium.

The actor is accused of issuing fake identification card of the Nepal Artist Association and cheating in various ways. The team of Sharma including Mithu Shrestha and Prakash Aryal are accused of cheating Rs. 40 million in promised foreign employment.

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