Paul Shah & Durgesh Thapa case update, Pooja Sharma cried in MYGG2 premier

Premier show of Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu was held on the day a complaint was lodged against the lead actor of the movie to release on Friday. After two years of closure, the film industry is finally opening up.

The opening of the film was not as pleasant as expected by the actress and the producer of the movie, Pooja Sharma. The events were too much for the actress and the director of the movie, Sudarshan Thapa. So, they both cried on stage talking about the absence of Paul Shah in the show. Paul Shah on the other hand released audio recordings to prove his innocence. The audio however seem to be more damaging than useful in his case at the time when his case is under consideration at the police station.

Video report about Pooja Sharma and the film premier show.

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Paul Shah and Samikshya Adhikari case (leaked audio)

Nepali actor Paul Shah and his involvement with well known singer Samikshya Adhikari has been in news for the last few months. After months of back and forth of statements on social media post some audio of the conversation with the actor was made public. That led to a lot of speculation on the case.

This started in October of 2021. A report about Samikshya going to police and an agreement between the two celebrities. Right after the report they both denied the claims and told that, they were in good terms as friends.
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RIP Jamal Edwards, 31-Years Old Youtube star

The founder of SBTV, an online music platform that helped launch the careers of artists like Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora Skepta, and Jessie J, among others; Jamal Edwards has died at the age of 31. Never wanting to take credits for what he ad did, he was helping in the background. It was AJ Tracey who was one of the firsts to pay tribute to Edwards by tweeting “RIP Jamal Edwards, west London legend status”.

No details have been released about the cause of his death, other than that it happened on Feb 20, Sunday morning.

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RIP Tilahari, Pritiko Phool Director Resh Raj Acharya

The director of Nepali movie Tilahari, a 2044 BS movie, Resh Raj Acharya has died of heart problem. After heart attack, Acharya was rushed to Om Hospital. The doctors confirmed his death at 8:00 PM of February 16, Wednesday.

According to reports, Acharya had been sick for the last one year. He was rushed to hospital when his condition worsened. The last rites of the late director is scheduled at Pashupati Arya Ghat on February 17 morning.

The last movie of Resh Raj Acharya was “Pritiko Phool’ of Gopi Krishna Movies. The movie featured Raj Ballav Koirala with Yuna Upreti and Garima Panta in leading roles.
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Rekha Thapa finally got married in court – husband is a NRN businessman

According to latest report, popular Nepali actress Rekha Thapa has married Balram Shahi, a NRN living in Israel for a long time. Originally from Jajarkot, Balram Shahi and Rekha Thapa were married in court on an undisclosed date in February of 2022.

UPDATE video report

Rekha debuted in Nepali film industry in the 2056BS release Nepali movie “hero’. She later married the producer of the movie, Chhabi Raj Ojha. After being married for 10 years, they got divorced in 2014. After that she was living alone with her mother. According to reports, Rekha and Shahi were in love for a long time and Rekha admitted her intent of getting married in early 2059.

I wish Rekha Thapa and Balram Shahi a very lovely relationship and with them a very happy married life.

Rekha Thapa’s relationship history

Rekha Thapa and Chhabi Raj Ojha have officially divorced after 4 years of unofficial divorce in 2016. They lived together for a decade before deciding in divorcing. They signed the legal paper and made it legal in August of 2016. Right after the divorce, Chhabi got married for the fourth time. He married another actress Shilpa Pokharel, but that relationship has also ended now.

While shooting and post-production of ‘Himmatwali’ Rekha was rumored of having an affair with the actor of the movie Sudarshan Gautam. But, right after the release of the movie, Rekha and Sudarshan parted their ways.

In January 2012 I wrote – “There is a rumor about the problem in the marriage between actress Rekha Thapa and producer Chhabi Ojha. Rekha had been complaining about Chhabi trying to act like a guardian rather than a friend. Although, she later denied about such a rumor, it is clear that the relationship is not as smooth as it should be.”

Previous report in xnepali about Rekha’s relationship and divorce:

Nepali Movie – Damaruko Dandibiyo (Khagendra Lamichhane, Menuka Pradhan)

There aren’t many sports drama movies in Nepali language. That too, a typical Nepali sports movie is unheard of. This is such a unique movie by noted film director and actor – Khagendra Lamichhane. ‘Talakjung VS Tulke’ famed actor and director, Lamichhane is one of the rare intellectuals in Nepali film industry.

This movie is unique because:
– It doesn’t copies from Indian films or other foreign films.
– It is not a formula movie. A risky business.
– It is about an unique Nepali sport – Dandi Biyo game

The lead actor Khagendra Lamichhane is featured as Damaru. After studying away from home, he returns back to his village with an unique aim – to revive the traditional game of dandibiyo, a sports his father used to love and play. At that time, his father, although once a reputed dandibiyo player, had changed and tries to stop his son form focusing on the game. His father’s suggestion was to focus on Damaru’s own career.

Watch the full movie:

That led to a game between Damaru and his father. When his father defeated Damaru in the game, Damaru had to leave the village and quit dandi biyo dream.
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Chetan Karki – Musician, producer and vlogger arrest case

Popular YouTuber, with half a million subscribers, Chetan Karki was arrested in the start of February in Dhulikhel. He was driving his self-made camper which he has doubled as a studio on wheel. He started the construction of the camper some two years ago and had recently completed the construction. After that, he was on the tour to record some songs for aspiring artists.

Chetan Karki became popular in 2019 when his teenager daughter went viral. It was not only the song she sang, it was her personal story that was popular among youths in Nepal. Chetan Karki had married a Tibetian woman and the daughter was born to them in Kathmandu. But, later they divorced and his first wife started living on her own doing a business in Pokhara. The daughter was living with her father.

The father-daughter duo became popular with the voice of the daughter and the music of the father. In the meantime, Chetan Karki got married for the first time. He has a daughter in the second marriage. Born in the February end of 2020, she is turning two in the month her father was arrested by the police.

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RIP Lata Mangeskar – These are 3 Nepali songs she sang in her lifetime

Lata Mangeskar, one of the most popular Bollywood playback singer has died in Mumbai on 6 February 2022. She was considered one of the greatest and most influential singers in India.

Born as Hema Mangeshkar on 28 September 1929 to a theater artist and musician father, she was named Lata after one of the characters of her father’s play Lathika. She started singing at the age of 5 years and was professional signer by 13 years right after her father’s death. General public have given various honorific titles like Nightingale of India; Voice of the Millennium, & Queen of Melody.

She had recorded songs in over thirty-six Indian languages including primarily in Hindi, Bengali, and Marathi.
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What video to publish next in YouTube

This is the answer to the question, “How to decide what video to do ?”

How to do the data analysis to decide on the topic of the next video based on the previous video performance. This is more about the inspiration and opportunities based on the data YouTube provides.
Three things should be analyzed:

  1. Market Research
  2. Audiance
  3. Competition

Market Research is a huge field. For our video needs there are specific things to look out for – Google Trend is one place to look for, past videos that work is another thing, and asking them directly is the best of them all.

All the data are available in the Analytics and internet. It is just the method on how to understand it.

– What is in demand? Once the topic is found second question is:
– Is there a desire for such type of content? Are people already searching for it?
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Nirmal Purja, Nimsdai invited Salman Khan to Nepal

After making some unreal world records, Nirmal Purja, is planning a promotional program in Nepal. He is inviting some of the well known figures in the world to Nepal and organize a huge program. In that process, Nimsdai was in Mumbai inviting Salman Khan, the most popular Bollywood star, to Nepal. He has shared a photo with Salman in his social media posts about his invitation and the indication that Salman has accepted the invitation.

A video report on this:

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Who is ex-Miss Nepal Ishani Shrestha’s husband?

It has been a month since Miss Nepal 2013, Ishani Shrestha married businessman Tarun Pratap Shah. The marriage was a private event held in December of 2021. The couple are yet to release the photos or the videos of the marriage ceremony. Prior to that, Ishani had told about the engagement and marriage ceremony details. She also released photos of her bachelorette party. Based on the information she had released, a video report was prepared right after their engagement:

Ishani has confirmed her marriage and shared photos with her husband in Christmas and New Year. But, details of their marriage is yet to be released. A video report will be prepared if such details are released by the newly married couple.

The husband, Tarun Pratap Shah, is running his family business DV Group of Companies as the Managing Director.

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Samragyee RL Shah starts a YouTube channel of her own

YouTube is the new trend in the Nepali film industry.
Every Nepali actors, actress, and crew members have opted to YouTube to show their talent. The latest in that crowd is popular actress Samragyee RL Shah. Samragyee’s channel has her first “VLOG” a video featuring her film workshop and interviews. In addition to that Samragyee has also started an online business recently.

Who is Samragyee RL Shah?
This New Year 2022 Message from Samragyee RL Shah says a lot about her.

About 2020 Samragyee says, she had went through a very dark phase of her life where she was have issues with her identity. That was the reason she did all the drama she did at that time. She created a scandal about Bhuwan KC and also released a number of videos about her experiences in the Nepali film industry.

In 2020 September end she met someone special to guide (maybe).

In the year 2021 she was longing to get more in life . So, she started her own boutique business, in April of 2021. And she also met her father after 9 years.

Samragyee RL Shah turned 26 years old two months back.

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Mr. Nepal is no longer single: Dr. Santosh Upadhaya got engaged with Aarati Parajuli

Mr. Nepal 2019, Mr. Superstar 2020 and Mr. Supranational 2021 3rd Runner Up, Dr. Santosh Upadhaya is now engaged.
Dr. Upadhaya is engaged to Arati Parajuli of Pokhara. Santosh and Aarati were in relationship for the last few years and now, they have decided to get married.

On January 23, 2022 Santosh and Aarati got engaged in a program held among the family members of the two in New Baneshowr Banquet. Because of the current health crisis, only the close family members were invited in the program.

The to-be-groom, Santosh Upadhaya is a medical doctor by profession. His future wife, Aarati Parajuli is a charter accountant by profession. She is working in Nepal Investment Bank as a senior officer. Santosh is currently working in a digital platform – Samaya Swyastha. According to report, Santosh is going to be featured in the leading role in a Nepali movie to be produced in near future.
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How to use YouTube Analytics ?

Based on my experience with creating YouTube contents, here is how I determine what type of content to produce next. I use YouTube analytics to understand what the viewers are watching and how the channel is working. Based on the data feedback I design the contents.

How to do a quick channel check-in by using the built-in analytics to figure out how the channel is growing and then how to correctly use the data for making right decisions in right time. This will help in growing the audience in the channel.

For this simple task, you don’t need to be an expert in data analysis. Also, you don’t need to know the inside of YouTube’s complicated algorithms to be successful on YouTube. The data YouTube provides is very detailed and there is a huge amount information. It doesn’t make sense to a lot of people and that is okay. Don’t worry if you find the data overwhelming and confusing because, you don’t need everything that is shown.

Here are 4 easy steps to make the maximum use of analytics and interpret the data and the trends so that you can confidently make decisions.

STEP 1: Zoom Out: See the forest (Long term data)

This is the first step in looking at your data – look the data for the past 365 days or the lifetime. For example in the following data of the Views data of the last 365 days.

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YouTube Milestones & algorithmic secrets

YouTube has become one of stable income sources. A lot of people have opted it as a business and a career. In this post, I am sharing some of my thoughts based on more than a decade-long experience of mine with the video sharing platform.

Starting with zero views and zero subscribers, the popularity depends on how YouTube treats your channel. YouTube says that, it follows the viewer’s trend. If people are watching often and longer, YouTube tends to recommend the videos. YouTube treats the channel according to their popularity. One of the metrics of popularity is the subscriber count. YouTube has set public and not-so-public milestones based on subscriber counts.

There are algorithmic tweaks at every milestones. The tweaks are however top secret and we can only guess according to the experience and those experiences might be different for different users because, YouTube constantly tweaks it according to their research and conclusions.

The number one video-sharing platform in the world has over two billion logged-in monthly visitors globally and generates billions of hours of video views every day. So, it is a huge platform to understand.

YouTube milestones:

First milestone is the first 100 YouTube Subscribers. This milestone unlocks new channel feature unlocks — is the custom URL. The URL feature is available for all channels with 100 subscribers that are 30 days or older with a profile picture and a banner image.

Custom URL helps in shortening long URL to a short one. In addition, you can brand the url according to you name or service.

Right after reaching the first milestone, videos get a little more impression – called “an algorithmic bump up” increases total impressions means better option for impressing the potential viewers with clickable thumbnails and quality videos.
Hence, milestones help in the likelihood of the video going viral.

Reaching the 100K milestone experience however was not that positive in my case. In both Anand Nepal Channel and Nepali Folk Tales, YouTube stopped promoting the video as before right after reaching the milestone. The views decreased by 4 time and so did the subscriber addition. Now, after 3 to 3.5 months, things seem to be going in the right direction.

100K effect: Sudden drop in impression despite the viewership. Continues for 3 months and it slowly recovered after that.

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