Flashback 2010 – Nepali celebrities – Actors

Nepali Actors in 2010

This year, chocolaty actor Aryan Sigdel and action hero Biraj Bhatta ruled the movies. Aryan was common in most of the digital format movies released this year. Those were the movies targeted to young generation. In most of the action movies, Biraj Bhatta was featured. This year, Rajesh Hamal was mostly featured in supporting actor role. Another super hit actor, Nikhil Upreti, was mostly talked about his affair with actress Sanchita Luitel rather than the roles he played in movies.

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Nepali Movies, Looking Back to 2010 (Part 2)

Continued from the First Part – Nepali Movies, Looking Back to 2010 (Part 1)

After two years in release queue, Didi Bhai of Sunil Manadhar was finally released this year. A family drama and action movie was liked by a lot of viewers. Fans of Rajesh Hamal, his dialogue delivery, and action have appreciated this movie.

The musical blockbuster movie Nai Nabhannu La, directed by Bikash Acharya, also did a good business inside and outside of Kathmandu valley.

After a long absence from Nepali movie arena, director Naresh Paudyal released Deepsikha. This movie was more focused on the fact that actress Arunima Lamsal was the scriptwriter in the promotion that making it a better movie. The only thing that was successful about ‘Deepsikha’ was the promotional song of this movie. The movie failed big time.

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MaHa, congratulation for a Rs. 100K award!

Congratulation MaHa, for the selection to receive this year’s Basudev Luitel award!

MaHa, the Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya comedy artists duo, is selected to receive this year’s Basudev Luitel award for the theaters category. The award has a cash prize of Rs. 111,111.00.

Basudev Luitel award is given away in three different fields every years and theater is one of the fields. Selection of the winners of the other two fields, literature and cartoon art, is yet to be announced.

The prize is distributed on the birthday of Basudev Luitel on Bhadra 23 (this year, September 8, 2010).

Biography of Madan Krishna Shrestha

Most of the comedy videos featuring Madan Krishna and Hari Bamsha are posted in the comedy page in the blog. Movies of Madan Krishna Shrestha:

Nepali Movie – Truck Driver (Karishma, Shiva Shrestha, Shree Krishna)
MaHa comedy – London Airport Part 2 (Just description)
Nepali Movie – Basudev
Maha Comedy – Lal Purja (only details)
MaHa comedy – Kantipur
MaHa Comedy – Dr. Sunita
MaHa Comedy – Abhinandan
MaHa Comedy – Syabaas (All 6 Episodes)
MaHa Comdey – Dhuwa
Nepali Movie – Sukha Dukha
Nepali Comedy – Tikeko Teen Mantra
Maha Comedy – Santatiko Lagi
Nepali Movie – Hansi Deu Ek Fera
Nepali Comedy – Dashain by MaHa jodi
Newari Movie – Silu (1987)
MaHa Comedy – Left Right Left
Maha comedy – Jalpari
MaHa Comedy – MaHa Dohori
MaHa comedy – Laxmi
MaHa Comedy – Dhalmati
MaHa Comedy – Sugandhapur
MaHa Comedy – Pathshala
MaHa Comedy – Wrong Number
Dhan Prasad 1- MaHa Comedy, Feb. 26, 2010
Nepali Comedy – Nata (MaHa)
Nepali Comedy – Bigyapan (MaHa)
MaHa Comedy – SLC
MaHa Comedy – Raat
Nepali Movie – Balidaan
MaHa – Chiranjivi
MaHa comedy – Paramdham
MaHa Comdey – 216777 (Bhoot)
Comedy – Shraddha (MaHa)

Madan Krishna Shrestha, one of the MaHa-duo, was born to Ram Krishna Lal Shrestha and Laxmi Devi Shrestha on 7th Baishakh 2007 BS ( 19th April 1950) in Jitpur Phedi, Kathmandu. In 2031 BS he married Yeshoda Shrestha with whom he has a son, Yaman Shrestha, and a daughter, Shrana Shrestha. Madan Krishna Shrestha lives in Dhobidhara, Kathmandu with his family.

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MaHa Comedy – Raat

MaHa Comedy – Raat
StarringMadan Krishna Shrestha, Hari Bansha Acharya, Narendra Kansakar, Mithila Sharma, Saranga Shrestha etc.
Concept – MaHa
MaHa’s comedy Raat is made on social awareness on AIDS. Hari Bamsha is featured as a ‘Lahure’ a Nepali worker in India. The movie shows how AIDS can be transferred to unsuspected people. The tele-serial is a perfect example of how comedy can be used for social awareness.
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MaHa – Chiranjivi

MaHa Comedy – Chiranjivi
Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bamsha Achary‘s most entertaining comedy tele serial.
Chirinjivi is a comedy about an old grandfather (played by Hari Bamsha) and his offspring who want to sell his fixed assets.

The tele-serial is a very entertaining and funny comedy with underlying message to the society.
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MaHa comedy – Paramdham

Madan Krishna Shrestha and Haribamsa Acharya’s very entertaining tele-serial Paramdham.
Maha Sanchar and Antenna foundation Nepal presents
A part of MaHa Chautari
Comedy serial – Paramdham
Writer – Suresh Kiran
Concept and Direction – adan Krishna Shrestha and Haribamsa Acharya

A song in the comedy “Hello Hi”
Music and song – Premraja Mahat
Singer – Yeman Shreshta (Madan Krishna’s son)
Dance – Alka Shrestha

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