Mero Euta Sathi Chha 2 NOT to feature Anmol KC

After a show of Anmol KC’s film ‘Captain’ actress Namrata Shrestha and Anmol had a chit-chat with the journalists. In one of the questions, Anmol KC told that he would gladly do the sequel of ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’ if Namrata Shrestha is featured opposite to him.

It was clear that, they were praising each other and the journalists were trying to get the headlines. The sequel of ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’ wasn’t even officially announced. Media reported as if Anmol KC has already signed in the film. The movie is currently in pre-production and the film director had trouble answering queries.

Dinesh Raut wrote in Facebook:

That is – Now artists have been proposed for the movie yet. We are in the very initial stage of the movie.

Now, this status seem to have created another headlines that, “Dinesh Raut rejected Anmol KC’s interest to do the film” or of similar nature.

Dinesh Raut has told that they haven’t considered Anmol KC to be featured in the movie and they haven’t approached him for the role. Dinesh reportedly told that, “Anmol won’t be in the film.”

According to unofficial rumours, Namrata Shrestha and Aryan Sigdel, the artists of the original film won’t be featured in the movie. The director of the original film, Sudarshan Thapa is replaced by director Dinesh Raut.

Who would be the artists in the new sequel – that is a mystery. Some say, Dhiraj Magar might be featured in the leading role in the movie. There are no clues on who the actress might be.

Mero Euta Sathi Chha sequel to be directed by the assistant director of the original, Dinesh Raut

The sequel of Namrata Shrestha and Aryan Sigdel film ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’ is in making. The new movie will be directed by the assistant director of the original film – Dinesh Raut.

The original film, released in 2009, was directed by Sudarshan Thapa. The movie was the debut film of the director who is also considered one of the most successful directors of the Nepali film industry. Dinesh Raut was his assistant in the film. Dinesh later directed superhit films like November Rain, Classic and Prasad. Actress Namrata Shrestha is the actress of his choice in his films. Namrata was featured in all of his films including not-so-successful’Parva’. In the initial movies, Aryan was featured opposite to Namrata but, he has dropped Aryan in the last couple of films – ‘Parva’ and ‘Prasad’.

According to reports, Raut is yet to official sign the agreement. Other artists in the movie are also not finalized. Based on the past films, Namrata Shrestha is expected to be featured in the leading role in the sequel of her own film.

In the ofirinal movie Namrata was featured opposite to Aryan Sigdel. Other artists in the movie were Jiwan Luitel, Dayahang Rai, Jenisha Moktan and Sushma Karki. Sushma Karki was the girlfriend of the director Sudarshan Thapa at that time. Now, Sushma and Sudarshan have broken up and there are rumours of Sudarshan’s affair with another actress Pooja Sharma.

Watch ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’ here.

This is not the first time the rumour of the making of the movie has surfaced. In 2015, Aaryan Sigdel Films had announced the making of the film. But, the movie didn’t go to floor and it was shelved.

The original movie was not an original story. It is a copy of a Korean film named ‘A Millionaire’s First Love’ (the producers and directors however haven’t disclosed the fact.)

Five types of Nepali movies (with links to example movies)

A friend in Twitter, Rakesh, has categorized the Nepali movies in four different  types. Although the categorization is done very loosely and the boundary of this categorization is extremely blurry, such a categorization can give a rough guide on what a particular movie is like. I think, there is room for improvement in this categorization so that one can easily decide on whether to watch the movie or not. There is a possibility that some movies might fall in more than one category. Let’s review each category in detail with examples.

  1. Masala Nepali movies
  2. New Age Nepali movies
  3. Nepali movies for youth
  4. B and C Grade Nepali movies
  5. Historical and Art Nepali movies

Video presentation:

Masala Nepali movies

Masala Nepali movies contain all the different entertaining aspects of movies. They are the mix of comedy, family drama, action, music and love all stuffed in a movie to appeal all types of viewers. They might contain all these ingredients (masala) or some of them. These types of movies are less risky and hence, the established film producers prefer to go with these type of movies.

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Mero Euta Sathi Chha sequel in making under Aryan Sigdel banner

The movie featuring Aryan Sigdel and Namrata Shrestha, ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’ was one of the hit movies at the time of its release in 2009. After that, the couple was repeated in ‘November Rain’. Both the movies were liked by the viewers. Encouraged by the success of the movies, Aryan Sigdel has decided to produce the sequel of the movie under Aryan Sigdel Entertainment banner.

The original ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’ (watch ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’ here) was produced by  Prabhu Shumsher JBR under Eyecore Entertainment. Aryan is reported to be in talk with the producer for the rights to the name.

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Nepali movie – Mero Euta Sathi Chha

Nepali movie – Mero Euta Sathi Chha
Starring – Aryan Sigdel, Namrata Shrestha, Jiwan Luitel, Keshab Bhattarai, Ashok Sharma, BS Rana etc.
DirectorSudarshan Thapa

The Nepali Movie ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’ was released in 2010 featuring Aryan Sigdel, Jiwan Luitel and Namrata Shrestha. The Namrata’s scandal was released at the time of the release of the movie. The movie is a story of love, loss and a lesson about the important aspects of life. Actress Rekha Thapa is also featured in a special appearance in the movie. After this hit movie, the Namrata-Aryan waited for three before sharing the screen in ‘November Rain’ in 2013.

Full movie – single part:

upload credits – Hi Tech Entertainment

Synopsis : Jay is a spoiled guy who inherits a vast amount of wealth from his grand father. He fails to graduate from college and went back to his village to take care of his property according to his grandfather’s will.

In his ancestral village, he meets his childhood friend Sikha. Sikha helps Jay in rediscovering the better part of him. Shikha however is terminally sick girl who has a dream to build a orphanage.

Watch the movie to know if Jay can save Shikha and will he marry her? What about Sikha’s dream ?

About ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’

The movie directed by Sudarshan Thapa marks the start of the movies featuring the love story of the city dwellers. Before MESC, all the successful movies were made on the stories of the characters that lived in villages. After the success of MESC, other producers have also produced the successful movies featuring the love story of well-to-do families living in the city.

But, the movie is not made on an original story. Although the producers and directors haven’t disclosed it, the story of the movie is a copy of a Korean film named ‘A Millionaire’s First Love’.

The success of the movie established Sudarshan as a credible film director. After about a decade, Sudarshna’s another movie ‘Prem Geet’ was successful. Sudarshan’s latest release, ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu’ has also received positive response from the viewers.

Namrata Shrestha and Aryan Sigdel to do ‘November Rain’

The on-screen romance of Aryan Sigdel and Namrata Shrestha in ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’ was liked by Nepali movie viewers and they are coming together in an upcoming movie, ‘November Rain’. The movie to be co-produced by Aryan Sigdel and will be made under Subash Entertainment banner.

The romantic movie named ‘November Rain’ will be directed by Dinesh Rawat. Dinesh is known for directing the movie ‘I am Sorry’.

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Mero Euta Sathi Chha – Movie poster and trailers

Watch the full movie online at

Mero euta sathi Chaa is a romantic mellow drama where Jay & Shikha, childhood friends, pair up at the cornerstones of their lives. Shikha is a small town girl and Jay the raunchy heir to a family fortune. Jay comes to the realization of joy and happiness which he finds in Shikha during pursuit of his fortune. The relationship mo
rphs Jay, whereas fate and destiny have their own ways with the budding pair. To find out more watch the movie by clicking on the link above.

The producer of the movie, Eye Core Films, is a production house established in 2005 with an aim to produce appealing movies and cater to the film industry.Its first and the most ambitious project is the movie, Mero Euta Saathi Cha.


Special Appearance: REKHA THAPA

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