True Geek Tattoo, Arunima Lama, Priyanka, Sujata Sitaula and others

At xnepali, when we talk about tattoo, it’s tattoo on the body of Nepali artists. Once we posted some tattoo photos of true geeks. Now that is the past. The geekiest tattoo on Nepali artists might be that of actress Arunima Lama. Arunima Lama was featured as a nude model in the movie ‘Kina Kina’. The movie features two tattooed actresses – Arunima and actress Karishma Manandhar (you can watch ‘Kina Kina’ here).

Let me start with a video report on tattoos on Nepali actress:

arunima lama piercing and tattoo

In a report that inked women are considered sluttier than the ones without them, Arunima Lama wrote, “I’m so confused. How can getting inked change a girls persona. Does the ink have some kind of magical powers to change her from a good girl to bad?” Arunima says, the ink is amazing and says women with tattoos are amazing in every way. She believes, every tattoo have some hidden meanings and a lots of memories. Arunima adds, she is “proud to be in the inked category.”

arunima lama comment slutty girls tattoo

In addition to inking, Arunima is also a fan of piercing. She has pierced various places in her face including her cheeks, nose and ears. The following photo shows the tattoo on her back.

arunima lama in kina kina

kina kina poster arunima lama tattoo

It seems, the director and producer of ‘Kina Kina’, Ukesh Dahal prefers the actresses with tattoos. In his previous movie ‘Palpalma’ he had featured another actress – Sujata Sitaula who has a couple of tattoos on her back. Like Arunima in ‘Kina Kina’, Sujata was also featured in hot scenes in the movie. ‘Palpalma’ became the first Nepali movie to be given an ‘A’ from the Censor Board. Watch ‘Palpalma’ here.

palpalma poster

I guess, I have talked enough about Karishma Manandhar’s tattoo before. Another actress who love tattoos on her body is Priyanka Karki. She has a tattoo on her back and on one of her legs. Actress Sushma Karki also loves tattoo. Sushma had trouble with the tattoo of her ex-boyfriend’s tattoo on her back. She had to make it ugly to conceal his name.

I am having a discussion about tattoo in my Twitter page about why people use tattoo and what do they think about it. I am embedding some of the replies I get there.

And, I remembered a case of actress Sushma Karki, who had to conceal the tattoo she had on her back after she broke up with her boyfriend, Niran Shrestha. The tattoo to conceal huge tattoo of the ex resulted into an ugly tattoo that she wouldn’t be proud to show off. Attached is the photo showing the tattoo before (on the right) and after (on the left):

sushma karki tattoo boyfriend

Sushma’s case should be an eye-opener for some of those crazy lovers who might regret their decisions later.

Mausami Malla’s tattoo:

Mausami Malla hides her tattoo from the public. Although other actresses like Sushma Karki, Karishma Manandhar and Suvekshya Thapa have tattoo at the same location, they proudly show it, Mausami choses to hide it. The following photo show an accidental display of a part of the tattoo on top of her left breast. Although the tattoo is only seen in a small part, that is the only photo I could find of the actress that shows her tattoo. Please guess what the tattoo might be of.

mausami malla tattoo

Nepali Movie – Palpalma (2011)

palpalmaNepali Movie – Palpalma (2011)
StarringDilip Rayamajhi, Ramit Dhungana, Bikram Basnet, Suman Singh, Dilip Gautam, Rupa Rana, Usha Poudel, Sujata Sitaula, Kabita Khadka, Ranju Lamichane etc.
Writing / Direction – Ukesh Dahal

Palpalma‘ is the presentation of Dahal Movies P. Ltd. The movie made a record of being the first movie of an adult theme. Although it wasn’t liked by many, the movie was successful earning profit. Details on ‘Palpalma’ was also posted before in xnepali. After the success of the movie Ukesh Dahal also made another movie on adult theme – ‘Kina Kina’.

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Manjari release pushed back by a month

The movie ‘Manjari’, scheduled to release on this Friday, is pushed back when the Censor Board objected on some of it’s scenes. Another movie, ‘Vigilante’ scheduled to release on this Friday had also postponed it’s release. ‘Rakshya’, ‘Katha’ and ‘Love in China Boarder’ were released instead.

Manjari's manjari sujata

Melodious music of ‘Manjari’ have been quite popular before the release of the movie and there are quite some people who are awaiting it’s release.

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Miss U… shooting Photos

The shooting of Dilip Rayamajhi’s movie “Miss U…” was recently completed in Malaysia. The director Suresh Darpan Pokharel and the film crew have recently returned back after 35 days of shooting there. Here are some of the photos of the shooting (Photo credits – Suresh Darpan).

One of the Namrata Shrestha was reportedly paid Rs. 400,000 for her role in the movie. In contrast to the general trend of paying higher to male actors in Nepali movies, the lead actor Barun Rana was told to receive only Rs. 125,000  to lead the movie. The producer and one of the best dancer in the Nepali film industry, Dilip Rayamajhi, was also reported to make the movie a dance sensation.

Miss U features Namrata Shrestha, Barun Rana, Sujata Sitaula, and Dilip Rayamajhi in the leading roles.

on 25th sep. after the 35 days shooting schedule

Palpalma – Hot movie screened in Hong Kong


Thanks to hot bed scenes, Nepali movie Palpalma was dragged into controversy during its shooting. The movie was widely publicized with photos and posters of bed scenes featuring Ramit Dhungana and Sujata Sitaula.

The Film Board however didn’t cut any scenes and categorized the movies not suitable for kids under 16 years of age.

The movie revolves around the lives of the wives of ‘Lahure’, who go to foreign lands to work. Lahure wives and male prostitutes are the main characters in the movie.

The movie was shown in two locations in Hong Kong recently. The director of the movie Ukesh Dahal told that the Nepali community in Hong Kong liked the movie. Palpalma is the first movie of Ukesh as a director.

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