Nepali Movie – Farz

farz nepali movie nameNepali Movie – Farz
StarringStarringRamit Dhungana, Shiva Giri, Arjun Karki, Yuna Upreti, Mukunda Thapa, Laxmi Giri Richa Ghimire, Mahadev Tripathi etc.
DirectorMadan Ghimire

Watch the full Nepali movie ‘Farz’

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Nepali Movie – Andhi Toofan

andhi toofan nameNepali Movie – Andhi Toofan
StarringBikrant Basnet, Rajesh Dhungana,  Poojana Pradhan, Richa Ghimire, Ranju Lamichane, Dinesh Sharma,  Suvekchya Thapa, Kopila Thapa, Ramesh Budhathoki etc.
DirectorMahendra Budhathoki

Om Prakash Agarawal presents a Rose Pictures’ movie, ‘Aandhi Toofan’, an action movie. Maunata Shrestha’s movie “Aandhi Toofan: 3 Beatutiful Angels” features three actresses Poojana, Richa and Ranju as the three angels. The child artist in the movie is Grishma Nepal. The movie features the music of Chetan Sapkota, choreography of Gobinda Rai, action of NB maharjan, cinematography of Suresh Bajracharya, produced by Sushil Pokharel/Maunata Shrestha script by Maunta Shrestha.

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Nepali Movie – Ko Hola Mero Mayalu

ko_hola_mero_mayaluNepali Movie – Ko Hola Mero Mayalu
StarringBhupen Chand, Ranju Lamichane, Gopal Bhutani, Mukunda Kishor Bhattarai etc.
Script/Director – Subhash Gajurel

‘Ko Hola Mero Mayalu’ is the presentation of Dharahra Combined Films. The movie was released in 2008.

According to model and actress Rupa Upadhyay, the story of this movie was copied by another movie ‘Parkhe Base‘. She says, “Unfortunately when this movie was in line to release ‘Parkhi Base’ stole the story concept and release their movie before ‘Ko Hola Mero Mayalu’.” (Disclaimer: We haven’t checked the validity of this claim.)

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Real Names of Nepali artists who had changed their name after entering the film industry

Changing names is a common practice among Nepali artists for a better name or for good luck. Some astrologers suggest a different names for the success in their career. For example, Bhuwan KC changed his name to a 7-lettered Bhuwann before the release of his movie ‘Sathi Ma Timro‘. It’s a different story, the movie didn’t do well in theater. Actress Binita Baral had also changed her name to Beenita (7-letters) on the suggestion of an astrologer. The result of the change in names were not that exciting. But, that won’t deter people from changing names. Others change to a better sounding names like Shova to Nandita, Radheshyam to Ramit, Nawaraj to Nawal and so on.

A video slideshow of change in names of Nepali actresses:


A photo slideshow of the actors who have changed their names:

We had compiled a list of actresses who had changed their name when they entered the Nepali movie industry. This post incorporates male actors and some additional female actresses who had changed their name to a new name.

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Nepali Movie – Palpalma (2011)

palpalmaNepali Movie – Palpalma (2011)
Starring – Dilip Rayamajhi, Ramit Dhungana, Bikram Basnet, Suman Singh, Dilip Gautam, Rupa Rana, Usha Poudel, Sujata Sitaula, Kabita Khadka, Ranju Lamichane etc.
Writing / Direction – Ukesh Dahal

Palpalma‘ is the presentation of Dahal Movies P. Ltd. The movie made a record of being the first movie of an adult theme. Although it wasn’t liked by many, the movie was successful earning profit. Details on ‘Palpalma’ was also posted before in xnepali. After the success of the movie Ukesh Dahal also made another movie on adult theme – ‘Kina Kina’.

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Nepali Movie – Rakshyak

rakshyakNepali Movie – Rakshyak
Starring, Biraj Bhatt, Rekha Thapa, Suvekchya Thapa, Manoj Narayan, Rejina Upreti, Ranju Lamichane etc.
Director Sanu Shakya
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