CA member returned his benefits

CA member representing Dalit Janjati Party of Nepal, Bishwendraman Pashwan has returned back Rs.1,20,700 that he received in the span of two years he was the CA member. That would make about Rs. 5,000 per months when divided by 24 months.

Mr. Paswan has told that the money belongs to the people and CA members have no rights to the money as the mandate given by the the people during the election – to write the Constitution within two years, was not done.

Although the move sounds patriotic and with good intention, it is possible that Mr. Paswan wanted to rip some political benefit from the move by returning only a part of the benefits he received for being a CA member.

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Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon – Bhuwan KC participated and Phurba Tamang won

Phurba Tamang won this year’s Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon, the toughest and highest marathon in the world. The Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon is held on May every year. This year renounced actor Bhuwan KC also was there to participate in the marathon.

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Polls context archive

Poll 1:

There was a news about Nikhil claiming to have married Sanchita Luitel. Then Kopila, Nikhil’s wife told the news was fake. But, when Nikhil didn’t return Kathmandu as Kopila, mother of his 6 month old child, told; she got angry and aggressive towards Nikhil. Reports of delays in movies due to absence of Nikhil and Sanchita were published.

Vote status on April 16, 2010

What do you say about Nikhil and Sanchita?
* Both are wrong (64%, 67 Votes)
* They did the right thing. (19%, 20 Votes)
* Nikhil is wrong Sanchita may be right (15%, 16 Votes)
* Sanchita is wrong Nikhil may be right (2%, 2 Votes)

Poll 2

Miss Nepal 2009, Zenisha Moktan, was nominated the best comedy actress in the first Tele Award ceremony to be held on 13th of May, 2010. Suntali (Kunjana Ghimire) of Meri Bassai was not happy on the nomination of the best comedy serial and actress. The Meri Bassai team has decided to boycott the award ceremony.

Is Zenisha Moktan (Gharbeti Ba) better comedian than Kunjana Ghimire (‘Suntali’ of Meri Bassai)?

* No, Kunjana is better (67%, 79 Votes)
* Yes, Zenisha is better (24%, 28 Votes)
* Don’t know (5%, 6 Votes)
* Both are equally good (4%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 118

Poll 3

Rekha Thapa loves to be on top of the news, especially when her movie is on theaters. She said that she is unmarried, and told stories about her 220 mini-skirts, and a copy-cat poster all targeted to promote her latest release Hifajat. The Hindu organization also helped in the movie’s popularity by stopping its screening and later allowing it to run in the theaters.
She also made headlines when she kissed Khagendra and danced with Prachanda. Making herself popular by controversial actions have paid off well by ranking herself as the top actress in Nepali film industry.

Do you think Rekha Thapa is right in making such controversies to promote herself?

  • No (44%, 22 Votes)
  • Yes (32%, 16 Votes)
  • Doesn’t matter (24%, 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 50
Poll 4

Facebook Groups

Some funny Facebook Groups

फेसबूक सडक साहित्य / सडक कलाFeatures funny, heart-touching poems and quotation written on Bus, Truck and arts on vehicles.

nepali film haru ko naam lastai comedy huncha

You know you are a nepali when…

नेपाली movement – say no to NEPALESE (नेपालीज)

Poll 5

Saptahik published an interview of Smita Thapa in which she talked freely about her sexual life. She frankly talked about her affairs with many men. She also told that she doesn’t have track of how many men she had slept with in the past decade. What do you think of our blogger Anand Sharma’s thought that the interview is in fact an advertisement of Smita Thapa?

Nepali or Nepalese : what is the difference?

There is no difference between Nepali and Nepalese. It is the people who lives in Nepal call themselves “Nepali”. It is a Nepali language word but foreigner prefers to call them Nepalese.

But, the issue is not that simple. People prefer to define the difference as per their own prediction. Much of the Nepali population doesn’t care weather they are called Nepali or Nepalese. But, some are arguing that preference should be given to one word in the official communications.

Vimal Khawas, an Executive Member of Hill and Mountain Forum, New Delhi, said that the people living in Nepal are called ‘Nepalese’ but those living in India, who speak Nepali are called ‘Nepali’; which is totally untrue.

Nepali speaking Indians are often confused with the Nepalese of Nepal

Some even ague that “Nepalese” is used to refer to the people and “Nepali” to the language. But I have seen both words used extensively in either cases. Unless some linguistic expert gives some valid reason on the usage one can’t say either is true.

An argument that Nepali is singular and Nepalese is plural might also sound valid when we read this example: “I am a Nepali,” and  “We are Nepalese.”

National Geographic’s definition in it’s NG Style Manual sounds a bit more realistic but I can’t agree on such distinction unless such usage is standardize and is used by majority of the written documents.

Use Nepali for a native of Nepal (the plural is Nepalis), as the adjective referring to the country, and for the language. Use Nepalese (noun and adjective) only in proper names that have not changed to follow current usage, such as the Royal Nepalese Army.

Taking side in the debate for and against “Nepalese”

If given a choice to talk for and against “Nepalese” I would prefer to talk against the word, as a Nepali I have some valid reasons to talk for using “Nepali” to refer us.

  • First and foremost, we don’t have an equivalent to “Nepalese” in Nepali language. नेपालिज as a word doesn’t sound familiar at all, not even remotely.
  • We, as a Nepali (or Nepalese) are used to hear and say “Nepali” for everything like: Nepali food, Nepali dress, Nepali style, Nepali time, Nepali mentality, Nepali kitchen etc. It feels good and comfortable to use the word in general conversation. If it feels good to say “Nepali” while speaking, it doesn’t make sense to use “Nepalese” in writing.
  • We have some organization with “Nepali” attached to their names like Nepali Congress. (How would Nepalese Congress sound?)

Well, by saying that I don’t mean to say that the word “Nepalese” should be erased from the dictionaries. We can be Nepali as well as Nepalese. All it means is that the person is from Nepal.

All I want is that the linguistic experts need to define both the words and decide on where they should and shouldn’t be used. NG Style Manual can be a good starting point.

In a lighter note – If a person from Germany is called a German, why isn’t a person from Hungary called a Hungar? One from Afghanistan is called Afghan, from Peru is Peruvian and they also don’t make much sense to me. (these examples were used by somebody else and I forgot where I read them.)


Anand Sharma wrote in the blog about why we should call ourselves Nepali rather than Nepalese in January 2010. He has also created a Facebook group, Say no to ‘Nepalese’, to voice his concern. Till date, the group has about 800 members.

Nepali Language: Nepali, sometimes known as Nepalese to English speakers, is an official language of Nepal.  Estimated numb
ers of native speakers of Nepali range between 16 to 35 million, as the distinction between the numbers of first and second language speakers is not clear. Outside of Nepal, Nepali is widely used in India and Bhutan. There are also populations of Nepali speakers in Burma.

Nepali belongs to the Indo-Ayran branch of the Indo-European family of languages. It is related to other South Asian languages such as Hindi, Bengali and Gujarati. However, as it developed in close proximity to a number of Tibeto-Burman languages, in particular Nepal-Bhasa (another major language used in Kathmandu and throughout Nepal), influences from these languages are evident in Nepali.

Linguists commonly classify Nepali dialects into seven groups: Baitadi, Bajhangi, Bajurali (Bajura), Doteli (Dotali, Gaunle), Soradi, Acchami, Darjula These dialects can vary greatly and in some cases are not mutually intelligible with standard Nepali.

Nepali is written in a Devanagari script, which derives from the Brahmi script of Ancient India.  Nepali script possesses 11 vowels and 33 consonants.

Melting Everest – being monitored by time-lapse camera

An American organization has installed five special time-lapse video cameras to observe the melting of ice on the top of the world, Mt. Everest. This is the fist time such camera is installed in the Everest region to monitor the melting of glaciers.

Everest region got a renewed attention when a key document of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – a scientific body to look into climate change issues inaccurately predicted the the disappearance of all the glaciers in the Himalayas by 2035. IPCC recently admitted the data mistake in its report published in 2007.

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