Rekha Thapa’s quest for a secured future – politics, social work, direction and business

Based on her actions these days, we can easily guess that actress Rekha Thapa is feeling insecure and impatient to to start something other than acting.

Actress Rekha Thapa

After enjoying a decade-long position of being top actress, she might be well aware that new actresses might dethrone her any time. That might be one of the reasons she was the only winners who didn’t attend the National Film Award ceremony. Rekha later accused the organizers of asking her money for the award.


After the National Award Ceremony Rekha had expressed her dissatisfaction of Garima Pant winning the Best Actress award in SAARC Film Festival and the National Film Award. She made a whole lot of fuss about her not knowing about the SAARC film festival and likes. She also didn’t like Neeta Dhungana winning an award in the National Film Award. She even accused Jharana Thapa winning the award because of her close ties with the FDB chief Pappu. Although Rekha’s accusation were serious nobody took it seriously. Is that a sign that Rekha was feeling grossly insecure as an actress?

That was not the first time she didn’t attend award ceremony after the bargaining fail. She didn’t go to Malaysia in January 2014 when the organizers didn’t guaranteed that she will win.

Director Rekha Thapa

Rekha Thapa became one of the few female directors in Nepali film industry after she kicked out Shyam Bhattarai from her ‘Himmatwali‘ team. Although Shyam accused Sudarshan Gautam to be the force behind his removal, we strongly believe it is her desire to test director’s grounds. If she could find it easy and doable, that would be more secured than being an actress.

Rekha accused Shyam Bhattarai, the director of her previous hit movie ‘Lanka’, of being incompetent as an excuse to get herself in directing the movie.

Politician Rekha Thapa

Rekha had tried to be close to politicians by singing and dancing with Prachanda in a political protest and making a Maoist brother.

She tried to use her political influence to get herself appointed as the Film Development Board chair. But, when fellow artists protested that door was closed for her. When Pappu was appointed FDB chair instead of her she used some harsh words against him. But later, they were photographed smoking marijuana together and seen together in Dolkha.

Rekha entered CPN Maoist when the party agreed to let her run in election as a party representative. In a widely publicized event she joined the party. The party also gave ticket to Rekha to run in the election. But, Rekha’s desire to contest the election failed when she forgot to register her name in the voter’s list.

After Maoist lost many seats and became the third largest party from it first position in earlier election, Rekha declared that she was no longer a Maoist.

Social Worker Rekha Thapa

Rekha thought social work is a sure thing to make you popular. So, she unveiled a ‘secret’ social work in her 2013 birthday. She told that she had registered a NGO by name Thought For Change Nepal and was supporting 5 violence affected children. But after that, there is no words of her affiliation with Thought for Change Nepal. An internet search didn’t show any information about the organization.

In her second attempt, she registered the NGO in her own Name – Rekha Thapa Foundation. She planned and sensualized the whole ordeal by visiting Raute villages with journalists and videographers. She even became successful in creating controversy by kissing an innocent Raute male. In the planned and video-recorded social work, Rekha became ‘mother’ of four Raute children. After that, there were rumors of the dissatisfactions in Raute community. The Facebook page of Rekha Thapa Foundation only has promotion of Rekha’s upcoming movie ‘Himmatwali’.

Businessperson Rekha Thapa

Rekha was forced to be a businessperson by Chhabi Raj Ojha by registering film production company – Rekha Films. After she divorced Chhabi, Chhabi registerd his own Chhabiraj Films and Rekha has been managing her company. After the success of ‘Kali‘ Rekha Films might have made quite a money that she has decided to invest some in USA.

In a latest report Rekha with a couple of other partners is buying gas station in two locations in the USA. She went to the USA with her mother and ‘Himmatwali’ actor Sudarshan Gautam for the feasibility study of the business. If media reports are to be believed, there is a high chance that she might relocate to the USA

To summarize:

  • Rekha Thapa’s attempt to become a politician has failed miserably. I don’t see her future in Politics
  • Rekha Thapa as a director – It depends on the success or the failure of ‘Himmatwali’. Rekha’s decision to invest in business in the USA is a sign that it’s not going to work and she is not patient enough to wait till it’s release in a month’s time.
  • A social worker and Rekha Thapa doesn’t sound like a same person. Social work is not a glamorous thing either.
  • I can’t say anything about Rekha Thapa as a business person. Business is also somewhat like social work – not-so glamorous and it also needs patience.
  • Rekha as an actress – I still think that is the best suited job she can do justify. She might not always be the lead actress, she can always have other roles suitable for her age. There is security and comfort in that role.

What do you think?

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