Nepali Movie – Apaharan

Nepali movie ApaharanNepali Movie – Apaharan
Starring – Dipak Tripathi, Saujanya Subba, Bishal Bista, Amrit Jung Basnet, Dipendra Acharya etc.
Director – Pratik

About ‘Apaharan’

A presentation Prem Bahadur Oli, Nepali movie ‘Apaharan’ is made under the banner of Sworgadwari Cine Makers. The story of the movie is written by Kumar Raj Sharma. The playback singers in the movie include: Jagdesh Samal, Anjana Gurung, Jamuna Sharma, Chanda K.C, Ishower K.M, and Rakki Dhasu. Surendra Rana has written the screenplay, dialogue and the lyrics of the movie. Choreography is done by Kabiraj Gahatraj, background score by Birendra Shakya, action by Surya Dev and the camera was handled by Ram Gurung and Devendra Hurahura. The editor of the movie is Pawan KC.

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25 Divorces in Nepali movie industry

It is not only in the Nepali movie industry, divorce among Nepali couple has been in the increasing trend these days. This might be because, compromising is not in the cards of today’s youth. I think, there is nothing wrong to get out of the relationship that is not working out. But, divorce also brings a lot of pain and problems to the both the couple involved. The traditional Nepali society has made it even worse by tagging them ‘bad example’ to the society.


This post was originally written on Jan 29, 2012. In the mean time I had updated it to reflect the changes in the status of Nepali artists. I think, it is the time to rewrite the whole post.


Reema Biswokarma divorced in December 2017

Arunima Lamsal and Amit Aryal divorce

Milan Amatya divorce

Rekha Thapa and Chhabi Raj Ojha

2016 – Rekha Thapa and Chhabi Raj Ojha have officially divorced after 4 years of unofficial divorce after a decade of living together. They signed the legal paper and make it legal in August of 2016. Right after the divorce, Chhabi has told that he is planning to get married for the fourth time. Will he marry the actress Shilpa Pokharel or is he using the controversy only to promote his movie – that is a huge mystery of the Nepali movie industry.

While shooting and post-production of ‘Himmatwali’ Rekha is having an affair with Sudarshan Gautam. But, right after the release of the movie, Rekha reportedly dumped Sudarshan.
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Nepali movie – AK 47

ak 47 nepali movieNepali movie – AK 47
Starring – Bishal Bista, Deepak Chhetri, Sushil Pokharel, Roshani KC, Jharana Thapa etc.
Director –  Brilliant Bista

The movie was released on October 4, 2013.

The movie ‘AK 47’ is a presentation of Bishal Films. The movie features fight by Dev Maharjan, choreograaphy by Janak Karki, cinematography by Ratna Karki / YP Ghimrie /Niraj Kandel, music by Alok Shree / Dr. Aavash Laav, script /dialogue by Brilliant Bista. The movie is produced by Bishal Bista.

The movie was released on October 4, 2013.

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Nepali Movie – Sahar

saharNepali Movie – Sahar
Starring – Kamala Shrestha, Dhiren Shakya, Dinesh Sharma, Bishal Bista, Pooja Chand, Rajaram Poudel, Sushil Pokharel, Mohan Niraula etc.

A Nepali feature movie ‘Sahar’ is presented by Jikesh Films Pvt. Ltd. The action packed movie has an exciting plot with twists and turns throughout the movie. In addition to action, the movie also features romance. The movie features the music of Laxman Sesh, story/screenplay of Prasant Shrestha, action of ram Janak,  cinematography of Narayan Mainali and editing of Ishor Gadal.

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Marriage problems in Nepali movie sector

UPDATE – 2016:
Simpal Khanal married a UK resident businessman of Pakistani origin. Rekha has legally divorced in August of 2016. Shayam Bhattarai has also gone to the USA (I don’t have any information if Shyam has met Ranjana Sharma there).

UPDATE: November 2014:

2012 – Actress Rekha Thapa ended her 10-years-long marriage by divorcing Chhabi Raj Ojha. Rekha is having affair with Sudarshan Gautam and Chhabi has high hopes to marry Shilpa Pokharel. (report of Rekha’s divorce, Chhabi talking about his interest on Shilpa Pokharel, and Sudarshan talking about marrying Rekha Thapa.)

2012 – Actress Priyanka Karki‘s marriage with Rochak Mainali didn’t last more that two years. The Miss Teen 2005 revealed about the divorce in 2013, after a year of the event (more about Rochak and Priyanka’s divorce).

2014 – Suleman Shankar (Iku) divorced his wife of 5 years Jaya KC (report on Iku’s divorce).

Saranga Shrestha – Saranga married a US citizen and divorced. She is currently married to a young Nepali guy, Ramesh, living in the USA. Saranga and Ramesh have a daughter.

** Original article continues**

Divorce in Nepali movie sector has become a common happening these days. Divorce brings in pain and problems and doesn’t come easy for both the parties involved. The traditional Nepali society has made it even worse in terms of setting a ‘bad example’ in the society.

Let’s analyze some of the high profile problems in marriages of the personalities of Nepali movie industry:

Bhuwan KC / Sushmita KC  – Bhuwan KC is known for his affairs with various ladies.  Bhuwan KC’s first marriage with Bijaya KC ended when Bijaya went to USA with their kids. Bhuwan found Sushmita KC as his second wife. That too didn’t lasted long and they ‘divorced’ until they reunited again after the release of “Ma Timi Bina Marihalchu”. But, they have divorced again. Bhuwan’s affair with Sharmila Dangol didn’t go far and he is living alone these days. We won’t be surprised if Bhuwan and Sushmita get together after the release of ‘Sathi Ma Timro’ as predicted by friends in Films Nepal. (update- they didn’t get together, but there is rumor that Bhuwan is having an affair with Jiya KC)


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