Five types of Nepali movies (with links to example movies)

A friend in Twitter, Rakesh, has categorized the Nepali movies in four different  types. Although the categorization is done very loosely and the boundary of this categorization is extremely blurry, such a categorization can give a rough guide on what a particular movie is like. I think, there is room for improvement in this categorization so that one can easily decide on whether to watch the movie or not. There is a possibility that some movies might fall in more than one category. Let’s review each category in detail with examples.

  1. Masala Nepali movies
  2. New Age Nepali movies
  3. Nepali movies for youth
  4. B and C Grade Nepali movies
  5. Historical and Art Nepali movies

5 types of Nepali movies

Video presentation:

Masala Nepali movies

Masala Nepali movies contain all the different entertaining aspects of movies. They are the mix of comedy, family drama, action, music and love all stuffed in a movie to appeal all types of viewers. They might contain all these ingredients (masala) or some of them. These types of movies are less risky and hence, the established film producers prefer to go with these type of movies.

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True Geek Tattoo, Arunima Lama, Priyanka, Sujata Sitaula and others

At xnepali, when we talk about tattoo, it’s tattoo on the body of Nepali artists. Once we posted some tattoo photos of true geeks. Now that is the past. The geekiest tattoo on Nepali artists might be that of actress Arunima Lama. Arunima Lama was featured as a nude model in the movie ‘Kina Kina’. The movie features two tattooed actresses – Arunima and actress Karishma Manandhar (you can watch ‘Kina Kina’ here).

Let me start with a video report on tattoos on Nepali actress:

arunima lama piercing and tattoo

In a report that inked women are considered sluttier than the ones without them, Arunima Lama wrote, “I’m so confused. How can getting inked change a girls persona. Does the ink have some kind of magical powers to change her from a good girl to bad?” Arunima says, the ink is amazing and says women with tattoos are amazing in every way. She believes, every tattoo have some hidden meanings and a lots of memories. Arunima adds, she is “proud to be in the inked category.”

arunima lama comment slutty girls tattoo

In addition to inking, Arunima is also a fan of piercing. She has pierced various places in her face including her cheeks, nose and ears. The following photo shows the tattoo on her back.

arunima lama in kina kina

kina kina poster arunima lama tattoo

It seems, the director and producer of ‘Kina Kina’, Ukesh Dahal prefers the actresses with tattoos. In his previous movie ‘Palpalma’ he had featured another actress – Sujata Sitaula who has a couple of tattoos on her back. Like Arunima in ‘Kina Kina’, Sujata was also featured in hot scenes in the movie. ‘Palpalma’ became the first Nepali movie to be given an ‘A’ from the Censor Board. Watch ‘Palpalma’ here.

palpalma poster

I guess, I have talked enough about Karishma Manandhar’s tattoo before. Another actress who love tattoos on her body is Priyanka Karki. She has a tattoo on her back and on one of her legs. Actress Sushma Karki also loves tattoo. Sushma had trouble with the tattoo of her ex-boyfriend’s tattoo on her back. She had to make it ugly to conceal his name.

I am having a discussion about tattoo in my Twitter page about why people use tattoo and what do they think about it. I am embedding some of the replies I get there.

And, I remembered a case of actress Sushma Karki, who had to conceal the tattoo she had on her back after she broke up with her boyfriend, Niran Shrestha. The tattoo to conceal huge tattoo of the ex resulted into an ugly tattoo that she wouldn’t be proud to show off. Attached is the photo showing the tattoo before (on the right) and after (on the left):

sushma karki tattoo boyfriend

Sushma’s case should be an eye-opener for some of those crazy lovers who might regret their decisions later.

Mausami Malla’s tattoo:

Mausami Malla hides her tattoo from the public. Although other actresses like Sushma Karki, Karishma Manandhar and Suvekshya Thapa have tattoo at the same location, they proudly show it, Mausami choses to hide it. The following photo show an accidental display of a part of the tattoo on top of her left breast. Although the tattoo is only seen in a small part, that is the only photo I could find of the actress that shows her tattoo. Please guess what the tattoo might be of.

mausami malla tattoo

Nepali Movie – Kina Kina

kina kinaNepali Movie – Kina Kina
Starring, Karishma Manandhar, Raj Timilsina, Sashi Khadka, Arunima Lama, Subhash Thapa etc.
DirectorUkesh Dahal

The adult themed movie by Dahal Films, ‘Kina Kina’ made news when the director announced for an actress to pose nude in the movie. Ukesh had previously produced and directed the first Nepali movie to be rated ‘A’ – ‘Palpalma‘. Later the movie was released in Hindi by name ‘Jaane Kyun’. We talked about the kiss competition in the movie and the censor problem until it was awarded an ‘A’ rating.

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Kina Kina to release as Na Jaane Kyun in Hindi

The Nepali movie featuring and Karishma Manandhar, ‘Kina Kina’ is going to release in Hindi in a different name. The movie renamed ‘Na Jaane Kyun’. The Ukesh Dahal’s movie is made on sex theme in which, Rajesh is featured as a nude painter.

Watch the fun-filled photoshot video (The photo used in the poster):

na jaane kyun - kina kina in hindi

Ukesh debuted in Nepali movie industry as an adult film director through ‘Palpalma‘. The movie was successful and he advertised for an actress to pose for nude model in his next project. Arunima Lama agreed to do the role of the model. The movie went through a problem to get censor clearance but, later got through with an ‘A’ rating.

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Kiss Competition in Kina Kina

The movie ‘Kina Kina’ started with an advertisement – an advertisement for an actress who is willing to shed her clothes in a scene. It was more about the promotion of the movie rather than an advertisement in itself. Then, the director Ukesh Dahal announced the ‘hat trick in adult movies’ in Nepali movie industry. And now, kiss is being used as the tool of promotion.

Following poster, one of the posters of the upcoming movie, features four kisses.

kisses in kina kina poster

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Kina Kina passes censor hurdle with an ‘A’ rating

After numerous tussles with the censor board, the movie ‘Kina Kina’ has passed the censor certification with an ‘A’ rating.

The censor board had previously objected on the bed scenes, nude scenes and kiss scenes the movie. Finally, a total of 10-seconds length of the movie was removed before passing the movies. Although some kiss scenes were removed, the nude scenes were not removed. An ‘A’ rated Nepali movie is considered not suitable for the audience under 16 years of age.

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‘Kina Kina’ censor problem

Because of excessive sex scenes and vulgar dialogues, the censor board decided not the pass director Ukesh Dahal’s upcoming movie ‘Kina Kina’. The censor board members watched the movie on Wednesday January 9 but couldn’t reach to a decision. All they told was that the movie didn’t pass the censor without being specific about objectionable scenes or dialogues.


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