Police investigating Rekha Thapa for misusing police uniform in Himmatwali

The central police office of Nepal Police has started an investigation on the use of the police uniforms in the shooting of ‘Himmatwali’ without seeking prior approval. According to a report, Rekha Thapa had failed to obtained a written approval before using any police uniforms.

Rekha Thapa - police in shooting of himmatwali

In ‘Himmatwali’ businessman, Dinesh Bhandari is featured as a Police IGP and a journalist, Rajendra Nath, is featured as a Police DIG. The actors had posted their photos in uniform in Facebook.

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Shyam Bhattarai lodged a complain against Rekha Thapa

Director Shyam Bhattarai has lodged a complain against actress and producer Rekha Thapa for indecent treatment and statements. In the complaint lodged to Film Director’s Guild of Nepal, the director has asked the Guild to take action against the actress who is also taking over the role of director Bhattarai in her movie ‘Himmatwali’.

rekha thapa and shyam bhattarai

Shyam is also the secretary of the Direcotr’s Guild in which the chief is Dinesh DC. The meeting of the Guild is going to be held later today to make the decision on Bhattarai’s complaint.

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Rekha Thapa accused Shyam Bhattarai of being incompetent director

Actress Rekha Thapa has accused director Shyam Bhattarai of not knowing anything about film direction. She also says that he doesn’t have any idea of film making. She accused, “His knowledge of film direction is less than that of spot-boys.”

Watch slideshow video on Rekha’s accusations:

But, in contrast to her saying, Rekha Thapa had won Best Actress award in D Cine Award for the the role she did in Shyam Bhattarai’s movie ‘Lanka’.

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Rekha Thapa used Shyam Bhattarai to shot tough scenes and kicked him out

UPDATE: In an online report, Shyam Bhattarai has admitted that Rekha has wrongfully sent him home. He also told that Rekha had been planning it since the beginning and he didn’t know it until the last minute.

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In a latest information xnepali has received, actress Rekha Thapa was planning to direct ‘Himmatwali’ herself from the beginning. Rekha’s plan was to use Shyam Bhattarai to shot the most difficult parts and let him go.

shyam bhattarai - rekha thapa 2

According to Rekha’s plan, the climax of the movie was shot first. Shyam worked the first two days and left after the completion of the most difficult part of the movie. In the climax, Rekha rode horse, camel and fights villains. The source says, when Rekha got comfortable working without Shyam she asked him to leave her alone. The issue is such that, they aren’t Facebook friends anymore.

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Rekha Thapa snatched the direction of Himmatwali from Shyam Bhattarai

UPDATE– Shyam Bhattarai is no longer in Rekha Thapa’s Facebook friend-list. (The title of this post is changed to reflect the information.)

Actress Rekha Thapa was forced to start directing her upcoming movie when the director Shyam Bhattarai becomes sick. Rekha relieved Shyam of his directing job so that he could recover and took over the direction of ‘Himmatwali’ herself.  In his Facebook post, Shyam has thanked Rekha for letting him go and also appreciated Rekha’s ex-husband for being ‘such a great’ film maker.

shyam bhattarai - rekha thapa

Shyam posting his photo with Chhabi after losing Rekha’s job sounds fishy. There is no doubt Chhabi Raj Ojha is a great film maker but, the timing doesn’t sound right. We have asked Shyam for the clarification on the case and will update the post when he replies.

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Shabir Shrestha to produce ‘Tathastu’ featuring Rekha Thapa and Kishor Khatiwoda

Director of ‘Hamesha‘, Shabir Shrestha is going to produce a movie of his own titled ‘Tathastu’. The movie to feature Rekha Thapa in leading role will feature Kishor Khatiwoda in opposite to Rekha. As before, Rekha will be the central character of the movie. Kishor had acted opposite to Rekha in ‘Kali‘.

rekha thapa and sabir Shrestha

Although Rekha is currently busy in the shooting of ‘Himmatwali’ in West Nepal, she has already signed the agreement to do Sabir’s movie. After ‘Damdar’ and ‘Himmatwali’; ‘Tathastu’ will be Rekha’s third movie to release next year.

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Rekha Thapa movie Himmatwali starts in Mahendranagar

The shooting of an upcoming movie of Rekha Films, ‘Himmatwali’ has started in Mahendranagar on Shivaratri day. Rekha Thapa performed chasing stunts in horseback on the first day of shooting.

rekha thapa himmatwali shooting on shivaratri

The movie is being directed by Shyam Bhattarai and is being cinematographed by Ramsharan Upreti. Rekha is also introducing a new actor in the movie, most probably the disabled climber Sudarshan Gautam.

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An actor without hands in opposite to Rekha Thapa in Himmatwali

Actress Rekha Thapa has shared a photo of herself with a mystery new actor to be featured in her upcoming movie, ‘Himmatwali’. The photo posted with caption – "New looks, surprising n new actor" in her upcoming movie ‘Himmatwali’, hides the face of the actor. Our team at xnepali has identified the mystery actor based on the little face that is seen and the dress he is wearing.

rekha thapa -share sudarshan gautam photo

Based on the photo it is clear that the lead actor of Rekha’s upcoming movie is a disabled climber, Sudarshan Gautam. Sudarshan doesn’t have hands and he can perform stunts with his feet. He had recently made news by climbing Mt. Everest and being the first climber without hands. We had written about Sudarsan Gautam 4 years ago.

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