10 movies of the year by Box Office Club include Kohinoor and Nai Nabhannu La 2

Box Office Film Club has honored 10 movies in an event held in Nagarkot at the end of the year 2071. Like previous years, the Club has selected the most successful movies in the year. Out of the movies released on the last Friday of 2070 to the last end of 2071 top ten movies were awarded with different honors.

box office film honor

The movie ‘Kohinoor’ was awarded the Super Duper Bumper Block Buster movie of the year 2071. The movie ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’ (watch ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’ here) was awarded Super Duper Hit honor. ‘Kabaddi’ (watch ‘Kabaddi’ here) and ‘Jerryy’ (watch ‘Jerryy’ here) were awarded Hit movie honors.

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Jholey sequel announced, new trend in Nepali film industry

Sequel movies are produced to cash in the success of the original successful film. Another film, ‘Jholey’ team has announced the making of the sequel of the movie. The movie released last year was liked by the viewers and the producer Taken Khadka has decided that the viewers would like to follow the story in the new part. The director Dipendra K Khanal is reportedly busy in the preparation of the script of the film with the script writer Shan Basnet.

sequel in nepali film

The sequel, ‘Jholey 2’ will feature Dayahang Rai, Priyanka Karki and A Gurung in leading role. A new actress will also debut in the film. 

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Nepali Movie – Kabaddi

kabaddiNepali Film – Kabaddi
StarringDayahang Rai, Nischal Basnet, Rishma Gurung etc.
Director – Ram Babu Gurung

Nepali film ‘Kabaddi’ was released on April 24, 2014 with another Nepali movie ‘November Rain’. The film makers had withdrawn the film from Gopi Krishna theater after the first show of the film.

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Kabaddi – Movie Review

Update: WATCH ‘Kabaddi’ here, full movie.

A dark comedy, Nepali movie ‘Kabaddi’ is a movie by Ram Babu Gurung featuring Dayahang Rai, Nischal Basnet, and Rishma Gurung in lead roles. Other actors in the movie include Rajan Khatiwada, Bijay Baral, and Buddhi Tamang. The presentation of Black Horse Pictures, the movie is made on the story, screenplay and the direction of Ram Babu Gurung. Cinematographer Purushottam Pradhan has shot the movie, Govinda Rai was the choreographer and Neelima Sharma had designed the costume. The movie is jointly produced by Nischal Basnet and Sunil Chand Rauniyar.

kabaddi poster


‘Kabaddi’ is a story of Bir Kaji (Dayahang Rai) who lives in a village named Naurikot. Most of the young guys of Naurikot have already left for foreign employments and most of those who are left are also planning to leave the place. Kaji in contrast is aimless in such terms. All he wants is to get married to his maternal cousin Maiya (Rishma Gurung). Maiya however runs away from every romantic advances of Kaji. Kaji’s friends (played by Bijaya Baral and Buddhi Tamang) back Kaji in every tactics he applies to get Maiya’s approval.

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No Kabaddi at Gopi Krishna, movie withdrawn after the first show (update – moved to Fcube)

The ‘Kabaddi’ production unit and distributors have withdrawn the movie from Gopi Krishna theater in Chabahil. The producer and distributors took the step when the theater owner, Uddav Poudel, refused to provide high capacity theaters for the movie. The first show of the movie went in Shivaya and Radha halls. These halls have capacities of 200 viewers each.

kabadi poster being removed

According to report, both the halls were houseful and some viewers had returned back when they couldn’t get the ticket of the movie. ‘Kabaddi’ producer Nischal Basnet and others demanded the higher capacity hall like Krishna hall. The higher viewer capacity hall showing Hindi movie ‘Two States’ is told to have very low density viewers.

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Friday Release, November Rain and Kabaddi

Two new movies are releasing on Friday, April 25 in theaters all over Nepal. The debut movie of Aryan Sigdel as a co-producer, ‘November Rain’ and comedy movie ‘Kabaddi’ are going to compete with each other. Both movies have good artists with potential.

kabaddi and november rain

‘November Rain’ features Namrata Shrestha, Aryan Sigdel, Chhulthim Gurung, Keshav Bhattarai, Hiuwala Gautam etc. The movie directed by Dinesh Raut had received a good publicity since the start. Right after his marriage, Aryan has started the publicity of the movie. Although Namrata Shrestha has been sick and is resting in Pokhara, other artists are teamed up to promote the movie.

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Kabaddi trailer released, sounds like a promising movie

The trailer of upcoming movie ‘Kabaddi’ was released in a formal program in Kathmandu on March 3. More than 3 minutes long trailer released during the event gives a preview of love, romance and comedy in the movie.

kabaddi trailer release 2

The movie directed by Rambabu Gurung features Dayahang Rai, Rishma Gurung and Nischal Basnet in lead roles.  The movie scheduled to release on Baisakh 12 (April 25, 2014) will compete with another movie to release on the same day – ‘Mero Best Friend’.

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Posters and photo preview of ‘Kabaddi’

Poster and photo preview of an upcoming movie, made on Thakali culutre, ‘Kabaddi’ was released in the internet. The movie shot in beautiful locations of Mustang is directed by Rambabu Gurung.

kabaddi 2

The movie scheduled to release on the Nepali new year features actors Nischal Basnet, Dayahang Rai, Rishma Gurung, Kamalmani Nepal, Rajan Khatiwada, Aruna Karki, Sishir Bangdel, Bijaya Baral, Pashupati Rai and others.

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