India Won the World Cup – Poonam Pandey suggested Paris for the ‘private show’


The Indian cricket fans are happy for their win after loosing for the last 27 years. But, some are disappointed due to Poonam Pandey’s decision to respect the ‘Indian values’ and not strip in front of them – sort of an April Fool’s joke.

The Indian cricket team has won the Cricket World Cup after 28 years. And, as promised Poonam Pandey is planning a strip tease show for the team if BCCI approves and arranges for the feat. Poonam however was forced to switched off her phone when she got variety of calls, some full of threaten and others requesting her to fulfill her promise.

Poonam is still willing to perform her show for the team if the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) approves and arranges the venue. It looks like, Poonam is not confident such shows will be approved by the public in India. So, she has proposed to do it in a bit more liberal places like a French city, Paris.

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Sexy Indian spices and English Saxons cities

The other day, I accompanied one of my good friends to a financial institute to sell a concept for a television commercial (TVC). The client suggested showing money or gems as a part of the concept. My friend’s logic was not to show money in the advertisements of banks or financial companies. He said, that will have negative impact on the mass and will not generate result, as expected. This got me thinking. Why not? After all, it is all about money.

In the eastern side of the world, people are shy to talk about sex but, at the same time, they are busy generating more babies compared to the western world. Asia has more than 60% contribution to the world’s 6 billion plus population out of which, China and India combined contribute 2.5 billion. People in the western world are open and freely talk on sex and ideas associated with it. How come their population is a lot less compared to those who believe that sex is a taboo?  Continue reading

Indian Ambassador Rakesh Sood to be called back?

Rakesh SoodAn Indian newspaper has reported that one of the most controversial Indian Ambassador to, Rakesh Sood, might be called back by the Indian government soon.

Apart from being the most controversial person, he is also accused of  being arrogant. Sood had been very tough with Maoist and was unnecessary involved in business of Dabur Nepal. Sood was instrumental in reducing anti-Indian sentiments in media and stop Maoist from leading the government.

The newspaper accus
es Sood was one of the reason behind the current political deadlock in Nepal. He was one of the most hated ambassador and was once thrown shoes by the crowd. He is also the first ambassador whose effigies were burnt on the streets.

India is planning to send Jayant Prasad as the new ambassador for Nepal. Jayant Prasad had served as an ambassador to Pakistan previously. His father Bimal Prasad had also served as an ambassador to Nepal during the Rana regime.

Yamaha Motorcycle Race 2010 held in Kathmandu

yahamaha_race-2010 Samar Manandhar and Manish Shrestha have won the Second Yamaha Motorcycle race organized by Morang Auto Works. The competition was held in the National Trading compound, Singadurbar. The organizer had specially made the racing track for the competition.

There were 46 contestants each in R-15 and FZ competition. Samar was the winner of R-15 competition and Manish won FZ competition. Benjamin Gautam and Prashant Timsina were placed the second respectively. The participants had to drive 4-5 laps to complete the race.

The winners each got a cash prize of Rs. 20,000 and they will represent Nepal in the race to be held in Chennai, India. The second place winners received cash prize of Rs. 10,000 each.

UPDATE by Suraj Krishna Mali: There were a total of 96 participants in both R15 and FZ catogies. In R15 and FZ catogory Mr. Samar Manandhar and Mr. Manish Shrestha was winner accordingly. As the winners they represented Nepal in Chhenai Championship, India, to be held in January of 2011. As the second place winners Mr. Benjamin Gautam and Karan Khatiwada got Rs. 20,000 cash prize each for R15 and FZ category and Mr. Prashant Timsina and Mr. Bibek Kumar Mandal got Rs. 10000 cash prize as a Third place in each category respectively.

Documentary – Greater Nepal

Greater Nepal Menuka Shrestha and Manoj Kumar RC present
Nepali Documentary – Greater Nepal
Producer – Manoj Pandit

Nepali documentary, ‘Greater Nepal’ is about the Sugali Treaty and how Nepal lost a huge chunk of the land to India. The Rana regime dis an agreement with the British rule in India at that time to give up the land on the East and West part of Nepal. Because of that treaty, a large number of Nepali speaking community live in those area including Sikkim, Darjeeling, and Himanchal Pradesh.

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Forget iPad, Cheapest tablet computer to cost $35 in India

In 2011 Indian government expects to produce a touchscreen tablet costing $35.
The Linux based computer can do word processing, web browsing and video-conferencing.

It can also be made more environment friendly by installing a solar power option at an additional cost.

While unveiling the device on July 22, India’s Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal said, “This is our answer to MIT’s $100 computer.” Sibal hopes to get the cost down to $10 eventually.
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New currency symbol for Indian rupee

indian rs Indian Rupee has got its own symbol. Similar to Dollar ($), Pound Sterling (£) and Japanese Yen (¥), and Euro (€), Indian Rupees has got a symbol. The new symbol is designed to look like a Hindi alphabet ‘RA‘ (र) and part of a English alphabet ‘R’. Indian currency has become the fifth currency to have its own graphical symbol.

The new symbol is also meant to differentiate the Indian Rupee from the rupee of Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Rupiah of Indonesia.

The symbol was designed by D Udaya Kumar, a graduate from IIT Bombay. The design got selected from 3,000 designs entered for the competition announced by the RBI. Udaya Kumar is awarded Rs. 2.5 lakh as a prize money.

It is planned that the symbol will be adopted in India within six months and all over the world within a year. The symbol however won’t be printed in the currency notes.

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Buddha Air to start international flights

With Bhutan, Buddha Air is going to start international flights. The airlines conducted a test flight between Kathmandu and Paro Airport, Bhutan on 25 May, 2010.

Buddha Air is expected to start a 4-days a week flights between Kathmandu and Paro from July 17, 2010. The flight between the two cities lasts about an hour.
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Is Tibet in India?

What would you say if Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) doesn’t know or care about the country’s geography? That is what happened in Nepal. A calendar spotted in a sinior ministry official’s office told that the Mt. Everest is located in Nepal – India border. Mt. Everest is situated in Nepal at the border of Nepal and Tibet – it sure is written below in small letters. Does that mean Tibet is in India?

It is to be noted that the calendar was manufacturered by an India based company.

India had been claiming Buddha was born in India and now they can claim Mt. Everest too. (source)