Danny Denzongpa: Biography

Bollywood actor of Nepali origin, Danny Denzongpa is known for him being a Nepali speaker from Sikkim. A lot of Nepali people think he might be a Nepali. In fact, he is Indian citizen, but he has directed a superhit Nepali movie ‘Saino’. She had also sung a lot of superhit Nepali songs.

I have done a biography video on the actor:

0:00 star of biography
1:10 – Real name of Danny
1:23 – Birthday of Danny
2:56 – Acting career
6:25 – Singer Danny
8:08 – Wife, son and daughter of Danny
9:31 – Asha Bhosle singing Aage Aage Tapaiko

First movie:

Danny’s home

Danny’s wife and daughter:

Nepali Victims Of COVID-19 : Karna bahadur, was attending grandson’s marriage

Chhetri was temporarily in UK, to attend his grandson’s marriage. But, he couldn’t return back after he contracted coronavirus.

Name : Karna Bahadur Chhetri
Age : 75 years
Location : Northwick Park Hospital, London
Originally from – Baglung
Date : April 1, 2020
Known Medical Condition : No known conditions

Karna Bahadur arrived in London on February 26. After he got serious with the infection, hew as admitted to hospital on March 30. He was doing fine on that day although there was a oxygen deficiency in his blood.

At the hospital they found pneumonia and they stepped up their treatment. He was kept in a ventilator in the morning of April 1. That was sudden change in his health condition. By the evening, the family members were informed that he wasn’t alive and that was because of coronavirus.

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Nepali Victims Of COVID-19 : Lilamani becomes first in Saudi Arab

The first Nepali to die of COVID-19 in Saudi Arab is Lilamani Katuwal. The 51-years old was one of the 42 Nepali who are confirmed to have coronavirus.

Name : Lilamani Katuwal
Age : 51 years
Location : COVID Special Hospital, Malaja, Riyadh
Originally from – Itahari – 5
Date : May 2, 2020
Known Medical Condition : Diabetes

According to report, a resident of Itahari Sub Metropolitan – 5, 51-years-old Lilamani Katuwal was fighting with coronavirus for the last month. He was admitted to the hospital on the new year day, on Baisakh 1st. Katuwal was kept in ventilator on Baisakh 13 after his condition became serious. On the 20th of Baisakh he died, becoming the first Nepali to die of the disease in Arab countries.

According to reports, he had diabetes and was working in Saudi for the last 22-years.
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Nepali Victims Of COVID-19 : Narayan Gurung (studied 9th to MA after retirement)

Another Ex-Gorkha Army, Narayan Gurung has died of coronavirus on May 4, 2020. Gurung had been an active social worker in the Nepali community.

Name : Narayan Konme Gurung
Age : 75 years
Location : George Eliot Hospital, United Kingdom
Originally from – Parbat
Date : May 4, 2020, Monday

According to reports, ex-Gorkha army, leading social worker, Narayan Gurung died at around 4:15 on May 4, 2020 while being treated at George Eliot Hospital. He had no known medical conditions.

Gurung was admitted to hospital on April 26 when he started facing breathing difficulties. He was given oxygen mask while in the hospital. Because of his poor health condition, he wasn’t placed in ventilator.

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Nepali Victims Of COVID-19 : Gopal Shahi Pathik (a poet)

Name : Gopal Shahi
Age : 72 years
Location : Royal Free Hospital, London, United Kingdom
Originally from – Pyuthan
Date : April 22, 2020, Wednesday

A literately figure and ex-Gorkha army, Gopal Shahi was admitted to London’s Royal Free Hospital two weeks before his death on April 29.

Shahi were living with his wife in South-East part of London for a long time. They were recently living in Whitecity London.

Shahi was originally from Pyuthan. At present, his family members are living in Bhairahawa and Mumbai, India.

Both Shahi and his wife had contacted coronavirus. His wife got better but Shahi couldn’t.

Govinda Shahi was interested in literature and was known as ‘Pathik’ as literary-name. He was active among the literature-loving Nepali community of South-East London. The community held a virtual meeting in London to remember Pathik and wish his departed soul rest in peace.
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Bhairav Aryal, the best comedian in Nepal had such a miserable life

The comedy writer, Bhairav Aryal, is the only comedy essayist who is unique and the best literately figure in Nepal so far. But, it has been more than 40 years that we have lost him. Although he made everybody laugh, his life was miserable. It was so miserable that he had been planning to depart from the world for quite some time. He wrote numerous letters to his office, his father, his children and others about his plans. Nobody came to his rescue. May be it was because the medical community and the society wasn’t aware of depression or such mental illness.

It is really sad to loose one of the finest writer in such a young age. I have compiled his letters to present a 10 minute-long video and also read one of his essays in another video. The essay ‘Mapai’ a self-gratifying nature of human being is written in such a beautiful way that, one can’t imagine the writer being miserable.

Watch the video:

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RIP Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan

On April 28 we lost a Bollywood and Hollywood actor Irrfan Khan – one of the most talented actor of all time. The very next day, on April 29, Bollywood lost another superstar, Rishi Kapoor. That was a double loss to Bollywood film industry.

After the death of Irrfan Khan, Anand Nepal YouTube channel viewers had asked me to do a biography of Irrfan. I wasn’t keen on making one because, I only talk about things related to Nepal and Bollywood is Indian film industry. But, later I found out Irrfan’s Nepal connection and hence decided to do a biography. While going through his social media post, I found:

– He was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in March of 2018
– He went to UK for treatment and went through a-year-long treatment in London.
– He returned back to India in April of 2019.
– Right after returning he did a movie ‘English Medium’. The movie was released in March 2020. Irrfan had talked about the film in his social media. His last post was about the movie.
– On April 27, all of a sudden he fell ill, was rushed to hospital. According to media report, the complication wasn’t related to cancer. He was told to be cancer free.
– He died on April 28, 2020

I made a short biography about Irrfan Khan:

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Anand Nepal Books

In the course of building this website and making videos in YouTube, I have written somme books for your pleasure. Some of the books are related to the entertainment industry other are about the society and religion. I have taken an enormous amount of effort in preparing the books. For example, to prepare the Hanuman Chalisa book, I had drawn all the pictures of Hanuman (by using some of the computer tools I created myself).

I used the same technology to prepare the sketch of all the Miss Nepal in Nepal. I have recorded all the participants, winners and details of all the Miss Nepal contests in the book titled “History of Miss Nepal”. In addition to the historical significance, I have been updating this book regularly, every year.

Please feel free to comment with your concerns and comments.

Hanuman Chalisa
The 40 hymns of Hanuman. Hanuman was a monkey, the friend and sub-ordinate of Rama in Ramayan. He could change his appearance as required. He could transform himself to a tiny creature or a giant of extraordinary proportions. He could fly through oceans to reach island kingdom of Sri Lanka. He was so strong that he could carry the whole hill when he couldn’t determine what particular herb to choose form the vast majority of available options. It is fun to know the facts about such an extraordinary mythical monkey.

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5 First women of Nepali entertainment industry (First in Nepal)

Here are the first women in Nepali in the entertainment industry – in entertainment industries including film industry & fashion industry.

I should also do similar firsts in sports and media in coming days. Please comment if you know of such information.

First Actress of Nepal – Bhuwan Chand

The first movie featuring a female actress was ‘Aama’ and the first lead actress of the Nepali film industry Bhuwan Chand debuted in the movie. Being an actress in movies was not a reputable profession at that time. The movie was a Nepal government initiation and was made by the technicians from India.
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25 + Divorces in Nepali Movie industry (2020 Update)

This is an update to a post originally posted on Jan 29, 2012. A new/updated version was posted 2 years ago on Dec 6, 2016. This updated version includes the recent divorces including that of Manoj Gajurel, Reema Bishowkarma, Milan Amatya, Arunima Lamsal and Neelam Dhungana.

It is not only in the Nepali movie industry, divorce among Nepali couple has been in the increasing trend these days. This might be because, compromising is not in the cards of today’s youth. I think, there is nothing wrong to get out of the relationship that is not working out. But, divorce also brings a lot of pain and problems to the both the couple involved. The traditional Nepali society has made it even worse by tagging them ‘bad example’ to the society.

2020 Update

Usha Khadgi Divorce confirmed

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Astha Raut responds after Facebook Live video

Here is what Astha Raut has to say about the viral video of Astha Raut:

I have immense respect for the People in Uniforms.. samman maile Na garne haina maile hijo pani garthiye aaja pani garchu rule is rule I know. Ma jattiko manche le nabujhe kasle bujhcha.. malai jacket kholna pani problem thiyena tara jun hisab le tyo lady constable le bolyo ta ta ra ma ma gardai malai teha problem ho. Rule follow garna malai kahile pani problem vayena Na swadesh Na bidesh tara Tanataan garne jhanghalne.. hath ma coffee cha Tala rakhera jacket kholchu vanda k k vandai risayera karaune ! Kasaamm Hola aile pani tesko mukh samjhidaaa tesle malai hatapae gareko samjhida Dabang style ma ghumera ek handeem jasto lagcha hahahaha Kaas Film jastai hunthiyo real life 😬 Anyway, Auta Murka Aaemaiii le garera ma Sabai Prasasan Lai naramro vandina tara tapai Haru ko bolne tarika vayena !!!! Police Hamro Sathiiiii vanera vanne slogan sarthak vayena.. malai VIP treatment vayena vanera malai baaal chaina.. Nepal ma Kalakar ko value sirf Janata le garcha.. that’s it !!! Na Rajya le garcha na Aru kohi Govt officials !!! Even Sikkim mai Govt level.. MLA’s Ministers Haru le Kalakar vaney pachi kati respect kasto special treat garcha Nepal ma tah hahahaha Aile samma maile tah kunai Minister’S Samsad Savasad ko mukh pani Ramro sanga dekheko chaina haha Hami Naam matrai ko Gahana ho Desh ko lagi… Aaja samma j cham sirf Janata yaniki Sarvasadharan kai maya ko karan cham Dhanyabaad yaha Haru Lai 🙏🏼
Hijo ma kati hurt vayein tyo ma bhogne manche Lai matrai thaha Cha.. malai matrai haina malai vitra gaye pachi Aru didi haru le pani Nani timilai jastai hamilai pani hapkae dapkae gareko thiyo tyo aaemae le.. Kasto behora navako raicha.. yestai ho police Haru choddeu maan Na dukhau vannu vako thiyo ma sangai travel gareko Siliguri ko auta didi le.. Jacket kholna problem thiyena tara jun para le tesle boli niiii ??? Jun para le tesle malai ghachad ghuchud gari.. Even Jacket kholera maile X~ray machine ma narakheko pani haina maile niyem palan gareko pani ho tara tespachi mero coffee “Laija tero coffee” vani maile ma lannaaa vanda jhangaljhugul garera tero bag ma khanae dinChu re omgggg hahahha katttiiiii sammaaa ki tyo Ramita vanne danthiiii !!!! Ramita nai dekhaeeee chi chi chi tesko boliii tesko bebahar samjhida tah yestai hunn tah police ko tallooo post ko sabaiiii !!!!??? Vanne khayal aayo… ani Yesto sadkiyo kiii maile Ma Kasaammm Aula thadayera manche chinera kura gar vanera ma hideyyy.. Maile react gareko tetti ho ani maile coffee pani lagina Kina ki malai Ek tah hattar thiyo jhan jhangaljhugul garera sabai pokhiii sakekiiii thiiii.. k coffee khane mood aauthiyo ra testo disrespect khaye pachiiii hahahahaha Anyway, Vayeko yehi ho sabai nalibeliiiii.. Jasko jati sochne chemata Cha tehi anuroop comment garnu hola.. Kunda Kunda pani munda munda buddhiii tara Ramro sanga vanera huney kura Lai ta ta ra ma ma garera hepera bolera Police ka vanaudaaa Haru thula hudainan. Thulo post ko matrai mitho boli le hudaina Hajur.. sano post ko Haru hunnn Sarvasadharan sanga Pratakchyaa sanlagna huney tasarthaaaa Roots Dekhi bebahaar hunu paryo.. Criminals jasto behora garna vayena even crime gareko Haru Lai tah testo garna mildaina vaney normal kura ma Ramro sanga vanna sakne kura ma galigalochhhh garnu is UNACCEPTABLE !!!!!
Maile vanne yeti nai ho.. Niyem Kanun follow garnu parcha sabai le.. ma pani garchu.. garekaiii chu tara Garaune para vayena that’s it !!!! Sabai Nepali ko Jay hossss 🙏🏼
Let’s treat everyone equally 🙏🏼
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Paramita RL Rana admitted her mistake in Budhanilakantha car crash case

On Mangsir 28, 2076, there was a car crash near the Budhanilakantha Municipality-5, Buspark. The driver and the passengers of the car were drunk. A pedestrian of Gorkha, Leela Devkota, was the victim of the accident.

The driver, Prithivi Malla and the passengers were Karish Maskey and Alina Thapa. The name of the fourth passenger was not revealed. Now, actress Paramita RL Rana has admitted that she was the fourth passenger in the car. People in social media had told that she was the fourth passenger but she kept her silence till now.

Now, she has admitted that she was also in the car with the license plate BA 14 Cha 6123. Writing a long statement in Facebook, Paramita has told that she is sorry for the incident. Here is the full statement:
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Ram Krishna Dhakal Divorce and Statements

After reports of divorce of Ram Krishna Dhakal and Neelam Shah Dhakal, both of them have written online statements about the incident:

Neelam wrote:

I, Neelam R. Shah would like to make a public statement about all the rumors going around.We have been happily married for over a decade now and will continue to be married for a very long time. We are a small but a happy family and we would really appreciate it if the media and individuals stopped attacking our family constantly.

We are constantly being harassed by the media all across social media and all news outlets and this fire is fueled by the hateful individuals and their comments. The audacity of such people to speak of my family, my family’s reputation, mental health and well-being is beyond cruelty. I see these people as opportunists who continually try to ruin a good family and their good name by connecting them with individuals that could never happen!

I understand we live in a society where everything seems to be everyone’s business but it is not. These are instances that you would not want your family to be involved in, talked about, so why do it to others? These are baseless, emotionless and completely ridiculous lies being spread by people who are not our family’s well-wishers.

This is harassment, mental abuse; cyber bullying and I will continue to defend my family.

Similarly Ram Krishna wrote:
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Miss Nepal Controversies (1994 – 2019)

It has been 25 years since the first Miss Nepal beauty contest was held in Nepal. After the first Miss Nepal was crowned in 1994 there had been various occasions in which the public had expressed their dissatisfaction on the choice of the judges. In most of the contests, there are always controversies because choosing a beauty contest winner is not a straight forward as choosing between black and white.

Here are the list of controversies Miss Nepal had went through in the history:

Miss Nepal 1997

The first controversy of Miss Nepal was in the third edition of the contest. The contest was originally organized by Kathmandu Jaycees. The people behind the contest were Gopal Kakshapati and the team. By the time of the third contest, the team was out of the organization and they decided to organize their own version of the beauty contest. For that Gopal and the team registered a company The Hidden Treasure and acquired the Miss World franchise. The winner of the contest was going to Miss World beauty contest. The original Miss World used to send the winner to Philippines based contest, Miss Asia Pacific International.
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