RIP Jamal Edwards, 31-Years Old Youtube star

The founder of SBTV, an online music platform that helped launch the careers of artists like Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora Skepta, and Jessie J, among others; Jamal Edwards has died at the age of 31. Never wanting to take credits for what he ad did, he was helping in the background. It was AJ Tracey who was one of the firsts to pay tribute to Edwards by tweeting “RIP Jamal Edwards, west London legend status”.

No details have been released about the cause of his death, other than that it happened on Feb 20, Sunday morning.

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RIP Tilahari, Pritiko Phool Director Resh Raj Acharya

The director of Nepali movie Tilahari, a 2044 BS movie, Resh Raj Acharya has died of heart problem. After heart attack, Acharya was rushed to Om Hospital. The doctors confirmed his death at 8:00 PM of February 16, Wednesday.

According to reports, Acharya had been sick for the last one year. He was rushed to hospital when his condition worsened. The last rites of the late director is scheduled at Pashupati Arya Ghat on February 17 morning.

The last movie of Resh Raj Acharya was “Pritiko Phool’ of Gopi Krishna Movies. The movie featured Raj Ballav Koirala with Yuna Upreti and Garima Panta in leading roles.
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Rekha Thapa finally got married in court – husband is a NRN businessman

According to latest report, popular Nepali actress Rekha Thapa has married Balram Shahi, a NRN living in Israel for a long time. Originally from Jajarkot, Balram Shahi and Rekha Thapa were married in court on an undisclosed date in February of 2022.

UPDATE video report

Rekha debuted in Nepali film industry in the 2056BS release Nepali movie “hero’. She later married the producer of the movie, Chhabi Raj Ojha. After being married for 10 years, they got divorced in 2014. After that she was living alone with her mother. According to reports, Rekha and Shahi were in love for a long time and Rekha admitted her intent of getting married in early 2059.

I wish Rekha Thapa and Balram Shahi a very lovely relationship and with them a very happy married life.

Rekha Thapa’s relationship history

Rekha Thapa and Chhabi Raj Ojha have officially divorced after 4 years of unofficial divorce in 2016. They lived together for a decade before deciding in divorcing. They signed the legal paper and made it legal in August of 2016. Right after the divorce, Chhabi got married for the fourth time. He married another actress Shilpa Pokharel, but that relationship has also ended now.

While shooting and post-production of ‘Himmatwali’ Rekha was rumored of having an affair with the actor of the movie Sudarshan Gautam. But, right after the release of the movie, Rekha and Sudarshan parted their ways.

In January 2012 I wrote – “There is a rumor about the problem in the marriage between actress Rekha Thapa and producer Chhabi Ojha. Rekha had been complaining about Chhabi trying to act like a guardian rather than a friend. Although, she later denied about such a rumor, it is clear that the relationship is not as smooth as it should be.”

Previous report in xnepali about Rekha’s relationship and divorce:

Chetan Karki – Musician, producer and vlogger arrest case

Popular YouTuber, with half a million subscribers, Chetan Karki was arrested in the start of February in Dhulikhel. He was driving his self-made camper which he has doubled as a studio on wheel. He started the construction of the camper some two years ago and had recently completed the construction. After that, he was on the tour to record some songs for aspiring artists.

Chetan Karki became popular in 2019 when his teenager daughter went viral. It was not only the song she sang, it was her personal story that was popular among youths in Nepal. Chetan Karki had married a Tibetian woman and the daughter was born to them in Kathmandu. But, later they divorced and his first wife started living on her own doing a business in Pokhara. The daughter was living with her father.

The father-daughter duo became popular with the voice of the daughter and the music of the father. In the meantime, Chetan Karki got married for the first time. He has a daughter in the second marriage. Born in the February end of 2020, she is turning two in the month her father was arrested by the police.

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RIP Lata Mangeskar – These are 3 Nepali songs she sang in her lifetime

Lata Mangeskar, one of the most popular Bollywood playback singer has died in Mumbai on 6 February 2022. She was considered one of the greatest and most influential singers in India.

Born as Hema Mangeshkar on 28 September 1929 to a theater artist and musician father, she was named Lata after one of the characters of her father’s play Lathika. She started singing at the age of 5 years and was professional signer by 13 years right after her father’s death. General public have given various honorific titles like Nightingale of India; Voice of the Millennium, & Queen of Melody.

She had recorded songs in over thirty-six Indian languages including primarily in Hindi, Bengali, and Marathi.
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Nirmal Purja, Nimsdai invited Salman Khan to Nepal

After making some unreal world records, Nirmal Purja, is planning a promotional program in Nepal. He is inviting some of the well known figures in the world to Nepal and organize a huge program. In that process, Nimsdai was in Mumbai inviting Salman Khan, the most popular Bollywood star, to Nepal. He has shared a photo with Salman in his social media posts about his invitation and the indication that Salman has accepted the invitation.

A video report on this:

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Who is ex-Miss Nepal Ishani Shrestha’s husband?

It has been a month since Miss Nepal 2013, Ishani Shrestha married businessman Tarun Pratap Shah. The marriage was a private event held in December of 2021. The couple are yet to release the photos or the videos of the marriage ceremony. Prior to that, Ishani had told about the engagement and marriage ceremony details. She also released photos of her bachelorette party. Based on the information she had released, a video report was prepared right after their engagement:

Ishani has confirmed her marriage and shared photos with her husband in Christmas and New Year. But, details of their marriage is yet to be released. A video report will be prepared if such details are released by the newly married couple.

The husband, Tarun Pratap Shah, is running his family business DV Group of Companies as the Managing Director.

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Samragyee RL Shah starts a YouTube channel of her own

YouTube is the new trend in the Nepali film industry.
Every Nepali actors, actress, and crew members have opted to YouTube to show their talent. The latest in that crowd is popular actress Samragyee RL Shah. Samragyee’s channel has her first “VLOG” a video featuring her film workshop and interviews. In addition to that Samragyee has also started an online business recently.

Who is Samragyee RL Shah?
This New Year 2022 Message from Samragyee RL Shah says a lot about her.

About 2020 Samragyee says, she had went through a very dark phase of her life where she was have issues with her identity. That was the reason she did all the drama she did at that time. She created a scandal about Bhuwan KC and also released a number of videos about her experiences in the Nepali film industry.

In 2020 September end she met someone special to guide (maybe).

In the year 2021 she was longing to get more in life . So, she started her own boutique business, in April of 2021. And she also met her father after 9 years.

Samragyee RL Shah turned 26 years old two months back.

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Mr. Nepal is no longer single: Dr. Santosh Upadhaya got engaged with Aarati Parajuli

Mr. Nepal 2019, Mr. Superstar 2020 and Mr. Supranational 2021 3rd Runner Up, Dr. Santosh Upadhaya is now engaged.
Dr. Upadhaya is engaged to Arati Parajuli of Pokhara. Santosh and Aarati were in relationship for the last few years and now, they have decided to get married.

On January 23, 2022 Santosh and Aarati got engaged in a program held among the family members of the two in New Baneshowr Banquet. Because of the current health crisis, only the close family members were invited in the program.

The to-be-groom, Santosh Upadhaya is a medical doctor by profession. His future wife, Aarati Parajuli is a charter accountant by profession. She is working in Nepal Investment Bank as a senior officer. Santosh is currently working in a digital platform – Samaya Swyastha. According to report, Santosh is going to be featured in the leading role in a Nepali movie to be produced in near future.
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Ramesh Kiran Uprety – Divorce in making Ramesh & Kiran Rana living seperately

According to reports, Ramesh Upreti and his wife Kiran Rana are preparing for divorce. Ramesh had a love affair with Kiran before they got married. The couple don’t have any children.
According to reports they are living separately for the past six months while the divorce proceedings is going in the court.

For the last few years, the actor had added Kiran in his name “Ramesh Kiran Upreti” in his social media presence. Now, it has been quite some time he has removed Kiran from the title.

Ramesh Upreti Biography

Ramesh Upreti was born in Kabhrepalanchowk as one of the four children of his parents. He did his primary schooling in his birth place. While he was studying in Dhulikhel he was attracted towards artistic works. Dancing and theater were his favorite pass time.

He started earning his pocket money when he was 16 years old and he started looking for opportunities in Nepali film industry.
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Sajja Mainali married a DV Lottery winner and quit acting

Actress Sajja Mainali got married on December 7, 2006 and quit acting.

Actress Sajja Mianali married Om Raj Bhattrai, at Indreni Complex, Naya Baneshwor. Om Raj Bhattarai was a US Green Card holder. According to her sister-in-law, Bimala Mainali, the marriage ceremony was a very simple traditional ceremony. Om Raj, an MBS Graduate and working as an accountant in the US.

Sajja is the youngest daughter of Gopal Raj Mainali and Sarita Mainali. Although being the youngest she got married before her elder sister.

Sajja’s sister-in-law, Bimala said, “One of my relatives told me that there is this guy who is interested in Sajja and wants to get married to her. After hearing about this, we decided to meet the person and now… as they say ‘the rest is history’. It has just been a week that they have known each other and us as well… and they just happen to click! Some days back they got engaged and today they are getting married. Sajja had been taking it rather slow as far as her career in Kollywood was concerned. She had not signed any movies neither was she involved in any shoot for the past six/ seven months. Now that she is married, there is little chance that she will make a come back. They might go to the States now since Om resides there!”

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Supriya Shrestha at Miss Earth 2021

Miss Nepal Earth 2020 Supriya Shrestha is participating virtually in the 2021 edition of Miss Earth to be held on November 21, 2021. Supriya is working on stone sprouts (Dhunge Dhara) conservation works.

A glimpse of her introduction video is presented in the following video:

And for the National Costume completion of Miss Earth from Nepal – the costume is titled “Strong Women, Stronger Country”. Full details of the costume is shared by Supriya herself in her social media as:
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Manoj Gajurel marries Manju

Popular comedian Manoj Gajurel has found a new wife after almost 4 years of divorce.

Manoj has given the details about his wife and the marriage ceremony that was held in a temple on October 11, 2021. Only the close family members were present at the ceremony and the event was kept very low-profile. According to Manoj’s statement, Manju seems to be a divorced like Manoj. He has told that she is a government employee and indicated that he doesn’t want to talk about her private life to media.

Here is Manoj’s statement :

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RIP ‘Jeevan Jyoti’ Cinematographer Bhim Rana

62-years-old cinematographer, Bhim Rana, has died of COVID-19. According to report, Bhim Rana has died while being treated for pneumonia after being COVID-19 positive on August 17, 2021.

Rana was confirmed corona positive on Shrawan 16. He was admitted to Kirtipur Ayurvedic Hospital for treatment. When his condition worsened in the hospital he was transferred to APF Hospital in Balambu. According to report, all of his family members are now COVID-19 positive.

Bhim Rana had worked as the cameraman in movies like Maili and Jeevan Jyoti. He had also worked in the Film Development Board. According to report in Deshsanchar online, Rana’s son living in the USA is returning home after the incident. The last rituals is being planned for August 18.

Rest in peace Bhim Rana!

Deepak and Deepa to start a Movie Hall, to be ready by Nepali new year

Deepa Shree Niraula had proposed her partner Deepak Raj Giri to start a film hall. Deepak was not confident on starting a film hall at that time. By the time they started producing movies like ‘Chha Ekan Chha’, the first super hit film of the team, they had wanted a film hall of their own. The ‘Chhakka Panja’ team decided to pursue funding options.

After a lengthy discussion and searching, they found a building in Baneshowr, Sankhamul Road. They did an agreement with the owner of the property and decided to invest 9 crore to start a multiples film hall.

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