Paramita RL Rana goes Hollywood, coming soon in Netfilx


This is a latest announcement of actress Paramita RL Rana – the daughter of one of the fist generation models of Nepal and grand daughter of one of the first generation female golfers of Nepal. Actress Pramita debuted in the Nepali film industry in the sequel of ‘Chapali Height’, with Ayushman Desraj Joshi. Ayushman and Paramita were dating at that time. The sequel however didn’t do well in box office. Paramita was also featured in ‘Changa Chait’ released last year.
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Samragyee RL Shah overtook Jassita Gurung to sign in Rato Tika Nidharma

The producer of upcoming Dashain movie ‘Rato Tika Nidharma’, Ashok Sharma, had approached Jassita Gurung for the role. The actress of ‘Lily Bily’ and ‘Love Station’ demanded Rs. 10 lakh for the role. While bargaining for the price, the team has signed in Samragyee RL Shah for the role. In a report, Samragyee was paid higher amount, Rs. 16 lakh for the role.

One of the most popular actress in the Nepali film industry, Samragyee is also one of the busiest actress currently. Samragyee was shooting Nawal Nepal’s ‘Maruni’. In the mean-time she has also signed in ‘Subha Biwaha’ of Hemraj BC. In the movie, Samragyee will romance with Pradeep Khadka. The shooting of the movie however has delayed a while. Right after the completion of ‘Maruni’ Samragyee will start the shooting of ‘Rato Tika Nidharma’.
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Paramita RL Rana and Karishma Shrestha – a friendship to envy

The friendship between two actress, Paramita RL Rana and actress Karishma Shrestha is well known in the film industry. They are party girls and they flaunt attractive and interesting attire in their parties. These two were seen in an interesting attire in a recent birthday party.

Videos of the party:

Karishma has shared more photos:

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Ok last one😃🤚

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Pradeep Khadka & Jassita Gurung to be featured in Bhadragol

Actor Pradeep Khadka and actress Jassita Gurung are currently promoting their upcoming movie ‘Love Station’. In the process they are going to appear in a comedy serial, ‘Bhadragol’. The serial featuring Kumar Kattel (Jigri), Bale and other comedy actors is one of the most popular comedy serials in TV these days.

In the comedy serial, Pradeep Khadka is featured as a singer in a restaurant. The restaurant is named ‘Love Station’ and will be owned by the lead character of the serial, Jigri. Jigri, Kumar Kattel, is the producer, writer and director of the serial. He is also younger brother of the well known comedian in Nepal, Dhurmus (Sita Ram Kattel).

In the TV serial, Jassita is featured as the girlfriend of Pradeep Khadka. Jassita is featured in a role in which she encourages the customers to spend more in the restaurant.

In the movie, Pradeep is also featured as a singer. He sings in restaurants for his living.
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Anmol KC & Suhana Thapa romance in A Mero Hajur 3 (Trailer)

The trailer of ‘A Mero Hajur 3’ has been released a day after the announcement of the trailer was made on March 27. The trailer was finally released on March 28 – the reason being ‘technical problems’.

In the announcement ceremony the the actress turned director Jharana Thapa told that she has given her daughter to the film industry. She had also claimed that everybody would like the acting of her daughter. Jharana is introducing her daughter in the sequel of successful franchise, ‘A Mero Hajur’. In the first movie Jharana was the lead actress and her daughter Suhana was featured as a child actress in the film.

In the second sequel, Samragyee RL Shah was featured in leading role and it was the first film directed by Jharana Thapa. The success of the film helped Suhana’s parents to introduce their daughter in the third sequel. The movie is produced and directed by the family. Anmol KC was signed in in the highest ever price for an actor in the film industry – Rs. 30 lakh. With Anmol and Suhana, the film also features Salon Basnet, Arpan Thapa etc.
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Karishma Manadhar SEE exam – First day

In her late 40s, actress Karishma Manandhar has appeared in the grade 10 examination, SEE on March 23, 2019. This year, parliamentarian Shanta Chaudhary is also appearing in the examination.

While Manandhar took her exam in her Kathmandu center, Chaudhary took her exam in her home place, Tulsipur of Dang district. These adults are the inspiration to young and old to take their studies seriously.

Biography of Karishma:

Actress Karishma Manandhar started her education in grade 8 in Triveni School. Manandhar’s exam center is located in Bijaya Smarak High School, Dilli Bazar. On the first day, it is the examination of English language. Journalists were present at the center to talk to the actress and her experience of taking the examination.

Here are some photos of Karishma in the exam center. Photo credit DCNepal.
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Keshav Bhattarai appointed Film Development Board (FDB) chairman

Film actor and producer Keshav Bhattarai has been appointed the new chief of the Nepal government’s film authority body, Film Development Board (FDB). The board chairman Neikita Poudel had recently resigned from the post over her controversial marriage with Rabi Lamichane. The minister wasn’t happy with Poudel, who was appointed by the previous Nepali Congress government. The government had removed Nekita from the post but, the Supreme Court had reinstalled her in the post against the will of the government.

After Neikita married Rabi Lamichhane, minister Gokul Baskota, was highly critical of Poudel. He had also asked his officials to start the process of her removal from the post. He finally resigned herself. Nekita’s marriage is considered to be the main reason behind resignation. Nekita had told that she would work in the social works started by Rabi Lamichhane including the construction of a hospital, Raskot Hospital, in remote location. Rabi’s divorce prior to the marriage also created a lot of headlines in the Nepali media. I had also prepared a video report on the issue.

The cabinet meeting held on Thursday, March 20, 2019, had appointed Keshav Bhattarai as the new chairman of FDB.

After Neikita resigned, a number of hopefuls including director Suchitra KC, Naresh Kumar KC and Yogesh Ghimire had submitted their interest to the post.
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Holi 2019, Celebrities celebration

Like the past years, Nepali celebrities celebrated the festival of colours by promoting their own products. The actors and actresses promoted their films, others promoted their respective products. The festival has proved to be more commercialized these days.

I have been sharing Holi celebration photos of Nepali artists for some time in past :

In addition to these collections, there were more posts in the respective years. You can go back in time-line to read and watch all the videos, photos and writing by visiting posts tagged ‘HOLI’.

2019 video:

Anchal Sharma in Holi:

Actor, producer and director Bhuwan KC was seen with his uofficial wife, Jiya KC. For the last few years, Jiya and Bhuwan has been celebrating Holi festival together and sharing their photos of the celebration.  Continue reading

Why was Pari Tamang arrested? What did Phulchoki Media do?

The owners of a YouTube channel Fulchowki Media Raj Kumar Kunwar and program host Laxmi Moktan were arrested with controversial model Pari Tamang by the Nepal government. The channel owner and the model were arrested on the complaints of local people under cybercrime charges.

The YouTube channel of Raj Kumar Kunwar was used to share interviews of singers and model and their intimate experiences. The interviewer usually asks about their personal relationship and their personal experiences rather than their professional achievement. The interviews of models like Pari Tamang were very popular in the channel. The channel having more than 200 thousand subscribers has about 1000 videos at the time of this writing. Some of the videos in the channel have views in excess of 2 million and there are a lot with millions of views. But, the videos are considered not suitable for most audience.

In the past, many videos were removed after viewers complained about the content of the video. This is the first time the government has stepped in to control the social media YouTube for the content shared in the video sharing site.
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Aditi Budhathoki, where is the Anmol KC actress?

Anmol KC gets a lot of hype and he makes his films successful. But, the actresses opposite to Anmol KC don’t get any credits at all. The only actress that made it big by debuting in Anmol KC films is Samragyee RL Shah. After debuting in ‘Dreams’ she did ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ and now, in the third sequel of the movie, Anmol KC is being featured with Jharana Thapa’s daughter Suhana Thapa.

The ‘Kri’ debut actress Aditi Budhathoki was a social media celebrity before she worked in the film. She was approached by a number of other film makers to be featured in their films. But, Aditi had rejected all those proposals and finally accepted to work with Anmol in ‘Kri’. When compared to other films of Anmol, ‘Kri’ wasn’t that successful. So, Aditi also couldn’t create any hype in the Nepali film industry.

Now, Aditi has returned back to Mumbai and is trying to get into Bollywood mainstream media. It seems, she has given up her hopes to be successful in Nepali movies. A while ago, a music video featuring Aditi was released. The video has millions of views and the views were because of Aditi featured in the cover.

The video is a proof that she has a value in the entertainment industry.
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Ex-Queen mother, Ratna discharged from hospital

After two weeks in hospital, ex-queen mother, Ratna Rajya Laxmi Shah has been released from hospital. The 91-years old, King Mahendra’s second wife is living in Mahendra Manjil within Narayanhiti Museum.

Ex-King Gyanendra went to the hospital and had dinner with his mother a while ago. As Gyanendra was having a tour in Terai, he returned to Terai after being satisfied that Ratna was doing well.

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Muna Gauchan Beach Wear competition in Miss Eco International 2019

Miss Nepal Eco International 2019, Muna Gauchan, is currently in Cairo, Egypt to participate in the international beauty contest. The beach wear competition was held on March 17, 2019.

The Miss Eco Best resort wear 2019 was held recently and the winner was France and the 1st runner up was Paraguay 2nd runner up was Philippines. Although Muna Gauchan couldn’t get into the list, she was good enough to be considered one of the best Nepali body in international competitions.

The winners:

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Congratulations for the winner of Miss Eco Best resort wear 2019 the winner is France 🇫🇷 1st runner up Paraguay 🇵🇾 2nd runner up is Philippines 🇵🇭 congratulations for the winners. Photos credit @officialglobalbeauties #missecointernational2019 #merakiresort ‏ #egypt @irenecamacho95 @chloe_jovenin @maureenmontagne #a_story_that_never_ends #alnahartv @alnahareg ‏ # #DoItTheMerakiWay ‏#MerakiResort ‏#Meraki ‏#TheMerakiTribe ‏#Merakilous ‏#egypt ‏#beauty ‏#missecointernational2019 ‏#hurghada ‏#almasacapital ‏#almasa_hotels ‏#Perla_de_mare ‏#myegypt ‏#loveegypt ‏@almasacapital @almasahotelofficial @starscosmeticsindia @vatika_naturals @orbitb1 @drhadeel_m @dr_emadelsaie @allure_clinics @raneemclinic2 #الور @hn_agency

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Our own Muna Gauchan:

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Building a great body – Warm up (Yuki Limbu videos)

I stumbled upon this girl – Yukii Limbu. She has given a very easy to follow warm up for a great body – Glute activation/ Warm up – for a great body.

She says, “These are just workout I do before moving onto heavy weights. I usually do 4 set of 10 – 20reps”

The following Instagram post has five different videos each giving the procedure of the warmup.

She wrote, “Little background regarding gym and me. I have been training with weight for roughly 2 years on and off. End of last year I was injured so I couldn’t train as much hence I have lost a lot of my gains. However, in 2019 I will be more consistent with my training and will also be uploading my workout video and tips.”

Enjoy and please thank her if you find it useful and encourage her to share more such videos and photos.
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Pre-Wedding Honeymoon of Priyanka to Bali, Indonesia

Actress Priyanka Karki and her boyfriend (to-be husband) Aysuhman Desraj Joshi are having a great time in Bali, a touristic destination of Indonesia.

A video report:

Priyanka told the reason they went to the island :

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Anju Panta – How she became Christian from Hindu

Singer Anju Panta got an instant popularity in the Nepali music industry. That caused her a lot of different problems in terms of her relationship and other things. When she was undisputed queen of the singing industry – she got married to another singer Manoj Raj Siwakoti. When Anju became more popular than Manoj, their marriage got into trouble. She started drinking a lot. Drinking problem caused her to have even more problems. She wasn’t able to sing at times.

When there was trouble in her voice, she sought medical help. But, no doctors were able to cure her.

The reason she convert from Hindu to Christian religion

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