9 O’clock to be premiered in Doha on the New Year, 2013

On the occasion of new year, Nepali movie “9 O’clock” is going to be premiered in Doha, Qatar. Aryan films presentation “9 O’clock” is produced by Ramesh Sambedana and directed by Baburam Dhakal.

The movie was dragged  into controversy when the FDB refused to let it go on floor because of unacceptable script. That was not all, the movie was previously called ‘A69’ and when the name was linked to sex position, it was renamed by a less-suggestive name. But, now it
has passed all hurdles and all set to release.

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Saranga Shrestha to get married

Nepali actress Saranga Shrestha is getting married to Ramesh Karki in Maryland, USA. Saranga has been living in the US for the last 12 year. This is the second marriage of Saranga after previous marriage didn’t go well.

Ramesh Karki is originally from Magydi and is working as a retailer of restaurant. The engagement ceremony was held on the Christmas Day and the couple will be legally married in the first week of February in the court. 

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Dhanda premier held in Kathmandu – releasing on Dec 28

One day before the release of the movie all over Nepal, a premire show of ‘Dhanda’ was held in a new theater in Chabahil, Kathmandu. Some two hundred film and media person were present to see the movie.

The viewers of the premier show have appreciated the movie. Although the movie is told to have excessive violence, the effort of the production team was appreciated by the majority of the audience. People of weak hearts are not suggested to watch the movie.

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Namrata Shrestha to be featured as Megha in a Bikash Rauniar movie

In an upcoming movie by director Samjhana Upreti Rauniar, Namrata Shrestha is going to be featured as the lead character, Megha. The movie named ‘Megha’ will also feature Saugat Malla in lead role. Actor Siddhartha Koirala (Manisha’s brother) will also have a role in the movie. The movie was announced in November after performing puja in Karya Vinayak temple in Lalitpur. During the puja, Actress Manisha Koirala had joined her brother Siddhartha Koirala  and the crew members of the movie including the director Samjhana, actors Namrata and Saugat. (Note – that was long before Manisha was diagnosed with cancer)

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Kollywood to be premiered in Doha on Jan 11

Nepali movie ‘Kollywood’ is going to be premiered in Doha, Qatar on January 11, 2013. The International Artist Forum(IAF) Qatar is organizing the premier show of the movie made on the story of struggle done by a typical newcomer actress in Nepali movie industry.

The movie will be featured in Doha Cinema Hall at 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM. In the show, ‘Kollywood’ actors Priyanka Karki, Aryan Sigdel, and other team members will also be present during the show.

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18th Miss Nepal to be held March 15, application deadline Jan 31

In a program organized in Kathmandu, The Hidden Treasure announced the date of the Miss Nepal 2013 – the 18th edition of the biggest beauty contest in Nepal. Miss Nepal, considered the most prestigious and popular of all the beauty contests held in Nepal, is scheduled to be organized on March 15, 2013.

This year, Fanta of Bottelers’ Nepal will also be the co-sponsor with the Hidden Treasure. The winner of the Miss Nepal 2013 will also be appointed the brand ambassador of drink, Fanta, for a year.

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Miss Hong Kong Nepal 2012 is Parina Subba

In an event held in Hong Kong, Parina Subba was selected the Miss Hong Kong Nepal 2012 on December 23, 2012. The beauty contest organized by Miss Hong Kong Nepal society, Honk Kong, was held in You Ma Tei Community Center, in Hong Kong.

Another Nepali beauty in Hong Kong, Manisha Rai, was awarded the first runner-up title and Pramila Thapa was awarded the second runner-up title in the event. After winning the title, Parina was
awarded with the Miss Hong Kong Nepal crown and HK$ 10,000 cash prize. The first runner-up Manisha Rai received HK$ 5,000 cash prize and the second runner up Pramila Thapa received HK$ 3,000 check after winning the title.

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Manisha Koirala discharged from NY hospital

Actress Manisha Koirala is discharged from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York on December 21, 2012. Manisha had undergone a 6-hours long surgery on December 11 to treat cancer in her uterus. Manisha’s body has responded well to the surgery and she is told to be feeling better these days.

Manisha is currently living in her relative’s house in New York for resting and regular check-ups. The check-ups and further treatments are expected to last six more months in the USA. To prevent cancer cells to spread in her body, chemotherapy treatment will commence in a couple of weeks. 

Manisha’s family friend, Mridula Koirala, has posted a Facebook message to all Manisha fans and friends telling that their prayer is working and Manisha is going very well.

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Rudrakshya, audio released, movie on December 21

A suspense thriller movie ‘Rudrakshya’ is going to be released in theaters all over Nepal on Friday, December 21, 2012 (Poush 6th). On Thursday, a program was organized in Kathmandu to release it’s music. The music CD was released by Film Producer Association president Raj Kumar Rai.

Talking in the program, actor Sunil Thapa remembered the movie ‘Chino’ from which he was popular by the name Rate Kaila. After the release of ‘Rudrakshya’ Sunil Thapa thinks that his new name will be ‘Pale Dai’. Sunil Thapa is seen in different get-up in pr
omotion posters of the movie.

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Gauri Malla met Manisha Koirala in hospital, shared experiences

On 12/12/12 Nepali actress Gauri Malla met actress Manisha Koirala in the hospital in New York where she is recovering from a surgery. That was the third day of the surgery and Manisha was still in the intensive care unit (ICU). Although others were not allowed to visit Manisha, Mridula Koirala helped Gauri to meet Manisha.  (Gauri’s article here)

In the short article Gauri wrote after the visit, she said that she felt sad on the news about Manisha made based on rumors. She says that Manisha looked healthy and beautiful in the hospital bed.

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Miss Universe 2012 title goes to Olivia Culpo, USA

In the beauty contest, Miss Universe 2012, held in USA, Olivia Culpo from USA has won the title this year. In the event held on December 19, 2012 at the Planet Hollywood casino on the Las Vegas Strip, 88 beauties from all over the world participated to win the title.

The runner-up of the title was Miss Philippines, Janine Tugonon and the second runner-up was Miss Venezuela, Irene Sofia Esser Quintero. Other two beauties in top five were Miss Brazil and Miss Australia.

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Bhuwan KC having an affair with Jiya KC?

Actor Bhuwan KC is known as a playboy in Nepali movie industry and he has ample proofs to prove the statement true. After the divorce with his last wife Sushmita Bamjan, Bhuwan is alone and was linked with a businesswoman, Sarmila Dangol, previously. Now, in another rumor, Bhuwan might be having an affair with the controversial ‘ATM‘ actress, Jiya KC.

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9 O'clock audio released, movie made on a sex-centered story

The audio of the movie ‘9 O’clock’ was released in a program in Kathmandu on Dec 16. The audio was launched by poet Usha Sherchan, actress Sumina Ghimire and the director Baburam Dhakal. Three songs in the movie are sung by singers Rajesh Payal Rai, Rajina Rimal, Indira Joshi and Shiva Pariyar.

The movie had been controversial from the start because of sex content in the movie. The script of the movie was accused to be vulgar by the FDB. Previous named ‘a 69’, the movie was renamed later to sound like a decent movie.

During the music launch the director Baburam Dhakal told, although the movie is sex-centered but, it doesn’t have sex-scenes as rumored. The actress Sumina Ghimire tried to dilute the sex issue by telling she would prefer to watch the first show of the movie with her family.

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Soongava selected in Chennai International Film Festival

Nepali movie ‘Soongava: Dance of the Orchids’ is recently selected for another prestigious Chennai International Film Festival, India. The movie will be premiered in the festival on December 18, 2012.

‘Soongava’ is a realistic film that depicts the conservative Nepali society in a very subtle and beautiful way. Although the Supreme Court of Nepal has legalized the existence of lesbians; traditional Nepali society is yet to accept their existence in practice. The movie presents the fact about the status of lesbians in Nepali society.

The movie previously participated in various film festivals like KIMFF Kathmandu; Hamburg Filmfest 2012, The world film festival- Montréal 2012, and International film festival of young Directors 9-13 oct. 2012 St. jean de Luz,France.

The movie written and directed by Subarna Thapa features Deeya Maskey, Nisha Adhikari, Saugat Malla, Bashundara Bhusal, Nirmal Nisar, Rajendra Man Shakya, Laxmi Giri and others.