Friday Release – Mission 4 Twenty and Kasto Tension

This week on Friday, June 21, two new Nepali movies have released in theater. Releasing movies at the time when the FIFA World Cup is running, is considered risky decision. On top of that, the movie released last week, ‘Mukhauta’ team have also accused FIFA World Cup being one of the reasons of low turn in in theaters. In that context, the risk movies ‘Mission 4 Twenty’ and ‘Kasto Tension’ have taken is considerable.

Both the movies are made on the story of the current day youths and targeted to young audience. And, they both feature hot actresses who are open to showing skin. Actress Mahima Silwal of ‘Mission 4 Twenty’ is known for open talk about her sex life and hot photo session. The actresses duo of the other movie are also known for their open view in sex and skin show.

monika dahal, beenita ghimire mahima silwal friday release

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Nepali movie – Timi Binako Jiwan

timi binako jiwanNepali movie – Timi Binako Jiwan
StarringBiraj Bhatt, Jenisha KC, Suman Singh, Shovita Simkhada, Laxmi KC etc.
Director – Raj Shakya

The Eva Films production movie ‘Timi Binako Jiwan’ was released on August 10, 2010 in theaters out of Kathmandu. The movie features music of Taraprakash Limbu, fight direction of Roshan Shrestha and the choreography of Govind Rai.

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Nepali Movie – Sansar Afnai

sansar afnaiNepali Movie – Sansar Afnai
StarringJharana Thapa, Gobinda Shahi, Suman Singh, Saroj KC, Kamal Krishana etc.
Director – Ranjit Rana

‘Sansar Afnai’ is the movie produced by Shiva Shanka Films production.  The producer Govinda Shahi is also featured in the leading role in the movie. The movie features the music of Basanta Sapkota, Tara Prakash Limbu, Chetan and Surya on the lyrics written by Dayaram Pandey, Bipin Kiran, Chetan, Surya and Madan Ghimire.

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Friday Release, Nepali movies Nai Nabhannu La 2 and Manle Manlai Chhunchha

This week two new movies ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’ and ‘Manle Manlai Chhunchha’ are released in theaters all over Nepal.

friday release nai nabhannu la manle manlai

‘Manle Manlai Chhunchha’ is the last movie of the late director Shiva Regmi. The movie made under Miracle Media banner features Biren Shrestha, Garima Pant, Suman Singh, Mithila Sharma, Sirjana Basnet etc. in main roles. The movie features the cinematography of Shambu Sapkota, editing of Banish Shah, and music of Basanta Sapkota.

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Nepali Movie – Karamat

karamatNepali Movie – Karamat
StarringSuman Singh, Rohi Shrestha, Samjhana Paykurel, Soniya Sharma, Ashok Shrestha etc.
Writer – Rohi Shrestha
Director – Dinesh Poudel

‘Karamat’ is the presentation of Universe Films by Rohi Shrestha and Raju Maharjan.

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Jharana and Suman Singh romance in Premika, releasing on February 28

A movie featuring the romance of Jharana Thapa and Suman Singh, ‘Premika’ is going to release on February 28, 2014. The love story movie directed by Ramji Lamichane received an ‘U’ certificate from the Censor Board.

premika posters (2)

With Jharana and Suman, the movie also features Sushil Pokharel in leading role. The movie features the thrills of Roshan Shrestha, music of Dinesh Sunam and cinematography of Durga Paudel. Other backstage artists include – Banish Shah in editing, Sushil Pokharel in script writing, Alish Karki in background score. The movie is produced under the banner of Shuva Shanti Films.

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Nepali Movie – Palpalma (2011)

palpalmaNepali Movie – Palpalma (2011)
StarringDilip Rayamajhi, Ramit Dhungana, Bikram Basnet, Suman Singh, Dilip Gautam, Rupa Rana, Usha Poudel, Sujata Sitaula, Kabita Khadka, Ranju Lamichane etc.
Writing / Direction – Ukesh Dahal

Palpalma‘ is the presentation of Dahal Movies P. Ltd. The movie made a record of being the first movie of an adult theme. Although it wasn’t liked by many, the movie was successful earning profit. Details on ‘Palpalma’ was also posted before in xnepali. After the success of the movie Ukesh Dahal also made another movie on adult theme – ‘Kina Kina’.

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Nepali Movie – Pahilo Maya Ho Mero

pahilo maya ho meroNepali Movie – Pahilo Maya Ho Mero
StarringJharana Thapa, Suman Singh, Sushil Pokharel, RL Maharjan etc.
Director – Ramji Lamichane

The movie ‘Pahilo Maya Ho Mero’ is the presentation of RL Maharjan for Regisha Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. The script of the movie is written by Sushil Pokharel.

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Nepali Movie – Rang

rang - hues of lifeNepali Movie – Rang, Hues of Life
StarringSuman Singh, Sumina Ghimire, Dipsikha Shahi, Karishma Manandhar, Mukesh Acharya, , Madan KC etc.
Director – Roshan Thakuri (Roshan Bikram Thakuri)

MR Films’ presentation ‘Rang’ is the debut movie of long time Rajesh Hamal’s assistant, Roshan Thakuri. The movie was released on February 15 of 2013. Karishma’s sexy yellow dress was the topic of talk during the release announcement ceremony of the movie.

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Nepali Movie – Bandi

bandi nameNepali Movie – Bandi, the Prisoner
StarringDilip Rayamajhi, Suman Singh, Aryan Sigdel, Sanchita Luitel, Arunima Lamsal, Sanjita Gurung, Tika Pahadi, Hemanta Budhathoki, Bijay Deuja, Hiuwala Gautam etc.
Story, Director – Bijaya Kerung

The movie ‘Bandi’ is the presentation of Ramesh Gurung (Karma) for Defacto Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

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Nepali Movie – Swabhiman

swabhimanNepali Movie – Swabhiman
Starring, Jharana Thapa, Saujanya Subba, Suman Singh, Ramkeshar Bogati, Hiuwaala Gautam, Mukunda Thapa, Ramesh Budhathoki etc.
Script/Dialogue – Shivam Adhikari
Story / Director – Madan Ghimire

The movie is made under the banner Bogateshowr Film Production and presented by Madan Ghimire for Ramkeshar Bogati.

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First look of Nepali movie Gambler released

In a program held in Kathmandu the first look of a movie made on gambling ‘Gambler’ was released. The movie made by Yadav Gurung under YAAC  banner is written and directed by Ramesh Budhathoki.

gambler first look rleased

‘Gambler’ features and Suman Singh in main roles. Other actors in the movie include Bina Budhathoki, Kalpana Shahi, Sonia KC, Mohan Nirula and others. Although the release date is yet to be announced, the movie was completed two years ago. Director Budhathoki told that the movie is made on the story of crime and social trouble caused by casino.

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Three movies Manav, Rang and Maina released in theaters

This week three Nepali movies are released in theaters. Actor Saroj Khanal‘s reentry movie ‘Manav’, a historical movie based on real incident, ‘Maina’ and ‘Rang’ are the new releases this week.

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