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This is the list of all the movies posted in 2019. The movies are automatically updated in real time. I will do manual updates about the new and considerable movies that I post in the website. One of the interesting movies (a telefilm) I shared was about load shedding and the real story behind the scene – ‘Ujyalo Nepal’. Featuring Rajesh Hamal and Bijaya Lama in leading roles the telefilm is worth a watch. Another interesting film is the one made on BP Koirala’s novel ‘Teen Ghumti’. The novel by well known literary figure and a political figure was a superhit novel. Although the film wasn’t as popular as the book, it is worth a watch.

More updates will follow.

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To make it easier to find the newly shared movie, I have created this post to share the movies I have posted in the website in the year 2017. This is a list of all the new movies and the new updates of old movies.

The new releases of 2017 include the superhit movies like ‘Chhakka Panja’, ‘Classic’, ‘Lukamari’, ‘Megha’ and others. Every new addition will be automatically updated in this post.

And the films released in 2018 are :